4 Years Later

14 Aug

So this is what I get for not posting in a while. I come back and they’ve changed the format on me. Ah well, I guess that’ll happen from time to time. This is, after all, the first time they’ve changed it in at least four years. That’s right, guys, I’ve been blogging for four whole years now, and I have to say, I’m a little embarrassed.

I’ve discovered a phenomenon that I didn’t think of before. People make new blogs all the time! They just up and make a new one, even though they have a blog that is still perfectly good on the same site. This is something that never occurred to me, that you could just do that. But, several of my friends have done just that. This is apparently something people do quite frequently and here I am still on the blog I made four years ago.

This is not a criticism of anyone in any way, mind you. This is just an observation. It seems to me that there are pros and cons to keeping or leaving one blog for another. I must admit I’ve thought about it. Upon discovering that this was a thing I could see why it would be appealing. You’re more experienced, so you can build a better blog than the one before it. It will be cleaner, less cluttered with old ideas, more focused on what you want and best of all, it won’t have all the embarrassingly bad post from when you were a freshmen in college. These all seem like really good things to me.

However, I find myself very reluctant to leave this place. If I made a new blog it would be on this site, of course, but it wouldn’t be this blog. It wouldn’t be my dragonlovespoon. With one S. I learned fairly recently that my husband (Let’s just revel in that phrase for a moment… And we’re good) first read it as “dragon loves spoon” instead of dragon lovespoon. He was very confused. He was still confused after that, actually when I told him what it really was. I had to explain to him the story behind the dragon lovespoon at my first shower, which was good because he might have been asked about it for a game. Though that card was never actually read.

Anyway! This new format is weird. I’m interested to see how it will post. I’m used to more space between paragraphs naturally being put in so I find myself double entering as I type. Changes are hard! What I was trying to say was I’m kind of attached to this blog. Sure my new readers can look back and read all of the really awful post that I made as a freshmen and laugh at my poor writing and such but they can also see how far I’ve come and how much I’ve grown as a person and as a writer. I’m big into history and this blog is full of history. It has my story from my unfortunate freshmen days through my graduation and beyond. It houses my memories and it makes me smile sometimes to go back and read what I wrote two years ago, three years ago, and remember.

At the same time, I’m moving up and moving on. I’ve finished my college education and I’m building a new life with the man I love. I guess I have a lot of thinking to do about this blog and where it will or won’t go. I love it very much, but it may be best ended here, at the end of the four college years it saw me through. The site has changed and so have I. Maybe it is time to say goodbye.

I dunno, this is not at all what I thought my four year post was going to be. But, I suppose it never is. Thanks for listening to my ramblings once again.

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