Cats on My Feet

13 Jan

I am convinced that there is nothing better in all the world than having cats sleeping on you while you work. This quite possibly could be my most favorite thing and I can only get it when I’m home.  I’ve been very spoiled as the cats have quite thoroughly invaded. Not a day went by during break that I didn’t have a cat in my room nearly every minute. Going back to school sucks.

My room is off limits. When I’m away at college the door is shut and the cats are not allowed in at all. It’s this mysterious other room for them that only opens up briefly when I’m here. I’m not sure if this is the only reason they enjoy my room so much or if there are other reasons, perhaps the fact that I’ve spent a good portion of my later break just laying around in here playing video games and being sick has something to do with it too. Who knows? But one thing is certain, they really like my room. I’ve been known to attract all three cats at once, simply by being in here. Emma, the biggest of the cats, has changed spots several times. She started at the foot of my bed on a black blanket, of course (Emma is white). She then moved to the basket at the foot of my bed and from there the comforter on the floor by my closet which I meant to put away, of course and never got to. For the last week or so she decided her place was on my bed with me, sleeping directly in the center.

Jam, in response has also traded spots several times. He is a ninja cat and can slip in and move around without me noticing he’s even there. This leads to problems when he slips into the closets. >.> Anyway, he’s a bit more restless than the older Emma cat and moves around more regardless. His favorite spot is on the air mattress that was tossed in my room for safe keeping, I assume at some point. It’s all folded up and in a bag, which might be why he likes it. Jam has a thing for bags. He’s been known to curl up inside a plastic bag, or anything bag like, for that matter and just chill. Or play, he likes to play in them too. He also likes to take Emma’s spot. Why? I danno. He took the basket when she abandoned it and then the blanket and now he’s sleeping in the middle of my bed. The past couple nights he’s been popping in to sleep with me a bit when he’s free from Erin’s room. Jam is the one who likes to sleep on me. He’ll curl up on my feet or in my lap when I’m playing video games or situate himself against my back or in the curve of my legs when I’m asleep. I like have Jam around.

Pepper is a bit of a spaz. He likes to be all up in your face. His favorite spot tends to either be right on your chest, up under your neck, on your head, or in the corner with my clothes in it. The only corner left that doesn’t have a bed in it. I like Pepper, he’s a sweet cat, very friendly, but he’s the last one I want to show up at night when I’m trying to sleep. He has a very slimy nose. He also only has three legs. He’s not much for jumping, but he can climb like nobody’s business and when he wants attention, he’s going to get it, one way or another. He’s also the most vocal of all of the cats.

As any cat person knows, when you leave a place full of cats for one that does not have any cats you start to see things. It’s already started for me. I sometimes have to do a double-take when I see something black out of the corner of my eye or my foot moving at the end of the couch. I’m moving back into the apartment today and I’m really going to miss my kitty cats. Right now all three are hanging out in my room. Jam is sleeping right beside me, Pepper is sleeping on a bag and Emma is just sort of sitting there, contemplating her options. I feel I shall have a rather sad existence for the next week until I get used to being without them again. How does anyone live without cats?

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