Ten Things I Miss About Being Home

09 Dec

Well now, my first semester living on campus is coming to a close and I must say, I’ve enjoyed it quite a bit. The ability to get up half an hour before class and still make it there with minutes to spare is quite lovely. Having to walk all the way to the studio theater, however, not so much. But I see my best friend every day, we have long chats in bed sometimes which is fun. I can be involved on campus if I choose, go to events, make connections. It’s a good time. And I didn’t go home as much as I thought I might. Not having a ride helped that a bit, actually having an on campus life helped as well. But going home over Thanksgiving break made me realize how much I miss about being home. Coming back made me realize it even more. So here are ten things I miss about being home.

Cats – I miss my cats. All my cats. Even the one that gives me the stink-eye every time I come home. She’s kind of a sour faced cat to begin with. You figure, I’ve spend my entire life with a cat always readily available for cuddling and now I am left catless and alone in a little apartment. There was a cat outside on Sunday, actually, and she let me pet her while I waited for my ride to church. She was very nice, but not the same as my kitties. My sister has been collecting them, you see, and I have grown quite attached to our little indoor collection. It makes me sad that they don’t know me as well as they should. I especially miss our three-legged Pepper when I’m gone. He does all the snuggles, whether you want them or not.

Consistent shower temperature – School showers suck. They weren’t so bad for a while, probably because I didn’t have the ability to shave for several weeks due to lack of razors. This is where electric razors come in all the handy. Anyway, the showers here can’t make up their minds. They’re hot then they’re cold, they’re yes then they’re no, they’re in then- nope, sorry, that’s a Katy Perry song. >.> Anyway, the first part is accurate. Sometimes you can’t stand in the water without fear of burning your flesh off and other times you’re pretty sure ice cubes will start forming on your toes any minute now. It’s not a fun experience, especially if you’re trying to shave your legs. Cold water = goosebumps = unpleasant shave. This is why I got the electric razor. At home I am safe from the fickle waters of Geneva showers and can enjoy my reasonably hot water without coming out looking and feeling like a boiled chicken.

Reliable Internet – Geneva is known for it’s unreliable internet, this is a fact of life we learn to accept. You get used to it after a while, disconnecting and reconnecting every ten minutes or so becomes part of normal life. Then you go home and realize that it is not normal to have your internet dropping out and refusing to reconnect. You should be able to watch a Youtube video all the way through without adjusting the progress bar several times throughout the song. And then you come back and life sucks again because you’ve remembered what it’s like to be home where the internet is reliable and doesn’t hate you.

My Own Bed – This is a glorious thing. You don’t think about how much you like your bed until it’s taken away from you and replaced with a generic mattress which is too long for your sheets. The beds here aren’t bad, mind you, just not mine. I sleep so much better in my own bed and I forgot it was so until break when I spent all the time there. It was lovely. I miss my bed and my giant pile of blankets and the ability to snuggle in under all of them. My apartment is always hot so I never get to sleep with all the blankets. I miss my blankets.

Laundry Anytime – Laundry is tedious and kind of obnoxious. It is even more so when you have to share one washer and dryer with eight other rooms each with four or five girls. That’s a lot of girls doing laundry throughout the week. You’re lucky if you can get a slot when you actually need it. Class takes up all the time and with two hour slots in between times are awkward. But at home I only have four other people to compete with, all of whom work at some point during the day leaving me with plenty of time for laundry doing all to myself. Sure you can’t shower or do the dishes when someone’s running the washer but that’s a minor inconvenience compared with the slot system. I can also take the time to sort my clothing and wash them properly. No such luck at college. My clothes just have to suffer.

Movies with Mom – Mom and I have this thing where we watch movies in the evenings. It’s a good time. Sometimes they’re on Netflix, sometimes we borrowed them from somewhere else. Sometimes we take half an hour to go through all our options before we settle on something we want to watch. It’s a time full of chit chat and popcorn and it’s great. Sure I can watch movies with my roommates but it’s not the same and usually involves some form of partial paper writing or other homework doing while we watch, which is kind of lame.

Baking with Dad – Sure, this isn’t a thing we do all that often, only during the holidays really, but I still miss it. I never get to bake here. At school we have this tiny little baby kitchen that you can barely move in if there’s more than one person present. Trying to use the stove top while your roommate bakes cookies is a fiasco all to itself. Three or four people trying to work in the same space rarely ends well. But at home Dad and I can bake all the pies and all the cookies and have lots of space to do it in. He’s probably already started on the cookie list for this year but he always saves the candy canes to do with me and I can’t wait to get started on them.

Random Sibling Interactions – My siblings are spontaneous and unpredictable creatures. We all have a tendency to keep to our own rooms when we’re all home but on occasion our space will be invaded by someone else. My brother has been known to poke his way into my room and take up residence on the end of my bed for a chat from time to time, or just harass me from the door. Erin will pop in occasionally as well, usually with a cat. Sometimes she makes enough noise to draw me out to play. Sure, it doesn’t seem like much in the way of interaction with ones siblings, but it’s what we do so I’ll take it.

Sitting Down to Eat – Now I know what you’re thinking; “Don’t you eat in the dining hall? Or the brig? Don’t you sit down to eat there?” Well yeah, but it’s not the same. Half the time we sit in the cafe at school in comfy chairs or on short couches or on the floor to use the coffee tables. And it doesn’t really count if you’re in public. I miss going to my fridge, making a sandwich, grabbing some chips and sitting down at the kitchen table with real chairs and everything to eat lunch with my dad, or chat with mom while she looks at stuff on the internet. Or hanging out with my siblings watching the cats being ridiculous from a kitchen chair. In the apartment I eat on the couch most of the time and it’s kind of awkward as I half sink into the cushions and try to balance my computer to work a bit along with my meal. I miss just sitting down and eating for once.

So there you have it. I miss being home. I miss smelling like the wood burning stove and tripping over cats and taking consistent showers and watching a show without waiting for it to load every fifteen minutes or so and talking to my family and sleeping with all my stuffed animals and my blankets and my fuzzy robe and my comfy pants and my jewelry box. Luckily I’ll be home by the end of the week. I’ll be safely moved out of my apartment, I can actually make my bed with sheets that fit and snuggle in with all the blankets and sleep for a week. That sounds pretty good to me.

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