The Moving Saga part 2

20 Aug

The moving continues! So I’ve been living in the apartment for the past two days and the last few days of last week. It’s been quite exciting. I walked down to my friend’s house for the first time of many, I’m sure and that was quite exciting as well. But that has nothing to do with moving, so we will skip that story and move on to Monday.

So I went to work, as usual and timed my walk from the apartment to the library so I know what time I have to leave if I’m going to work. I timed roughly five minutes on a good day. I’m sure there will be bad days when it takes me live ten minutes to cross the street alone, but at least I know how to give myself a proper buffer now. It occurred to me at some point during the day that I couldn’t run to Sheetz for my lunch as I am without a car for the first time since I learned how to drive. It is a very very strange sensation. So, I didn’t have a proper lunch, but instead ate cheese crackers from the Library’s snack stash like in the old days (aka: last summer) and then made my very Sheetz run on foot after I got off work. It was hot and uncomfortable and I was too lazy to go back to the apartment first to grab my parasol. BUT I succeeded and got an early dinner and some minor food for the apartment. The rest of the evening was spent chilling with my Twirls and walking through the dark streets of College Hill to visit another roommate in the process of packing. Fun stuff, really.

Today I didn’t have to work until noon. At six my mom came and picked me up for a lovely date/shopping trip. We went out to eat and then commenced with the Walmart trip. I was in charge of getting the bathroom stuff. I found an owl shower curtain. It pleases me greatly as I am very found of owls. Especially cute owls. There was a whole set of owl bathroom things. So I got an owl hand towel and an owl toothbrush cup and an owl hand towel and some towels that matched the owl towel. I now have many owl things! It is very exciting!

The funny thing about going to Walmart as a Farkas with compulsive buying tendencies is you look at things and think, “Hmm I could probably use (insert item here) but I don’t want to spend more money…” Solution: get the generic brand if possible or put it off for another shopping trip. I remembered many new things I needed while we were shopping. Like a laundry basket and an alarm clock. My mom also spoiled me a little bit with snack foods and chocolate. AND I bought a bridal magazine! I promised myself when I got engaged I could buy one and I am now engaged so I did it! I’m not sure what I’ll actually do with said bridal magazine, but I’m sure I’ll think of something.

The other funny thing about Walmart is you see everyone there. I ran into my cousin who also just got engaged, and saw her ring and was very excited in general. It was a good time. I also ran into two of my roommates who were also shopping for apartmenty things. It was a lovely little gathering. Someone once told me that Walmart was the place you saw all the Geneva kids at in the evenings. I didn’t believe them at first. Now I do. I don’t know if it’s just because it’s the beginning of the semester when people are moving in, or if it’s usual occurrence, but every other person I saw was a Geneva student.

So here I am now, chilling in a room full of roommates for once and feeling quite happy as I blog obnoxiously about my day. There is a Twirls to my right and a Bonnie to my left and a Debbie to her left, it is quite a happy setup. Our apartment is a mess, but that’s okay. We should be getting furniture tomorrow, which is quite exciting. All in all, our little home is coming together quite nicely. I am indeed looking forward to seeing what this semester has to bring.

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