HvZ Review

14 Apr

Guess what guys! I survived! I lived through the zombie apocalypse! Well, mostly. I did spend a short amount of time as a zombie, but that was only a phase, really. I finished out the week as a human and I am rather proud of it. I hope you enjoyed my dramatic interpretation of the week; I had a lot of fun writing it and it helped to keep me… well a little more sane than one might expect during a zombie take-over. As fun as it was getting into the character I’m afraid many of you got a little bit confused about what was going on throughout the week. So I suppose it’s only right that I fill you in.

Really  most of the week was spent hiding out in various buildings and running as fast as I could to the next one when it came time for class or work. A little less exciting than one might think, but honestly I’m okay with the lack of overwhelming zombie presence. There were generally three highlights of the week, one of which you already heard and two of which were muddled over due to character voice.

The first was being rescued by a whole squad from S&E. The full story goes: I was trapped in Old Main to begin with. I’d come over from Northwood after meeting with some friends and wanted to get to the student center to eat and wait for my writers group. The only problem was, there are always zombies in that space between Old Main and the student center. At first there was a group that I was sure would see me down by the lower entrance and one hiding outside the doors to S&E. No hope that way. That group eventually moved off but there was still one sitting and chatting with some non-player friends. I could have taken him, probably, just a quick shot to the back and I could move on. The problem was that tree outside the door hides peoples heads. You can never tell who’s out there because this leafy tree is in the way.

So I called for help. I was expecting someone to peek out the doors and tell me if there was anyone else there that I had to worry about. Instead I got directions to get to S&E by way of Northwood. Once in S&E I called again, expecting this time for my friends to check and make sure the way was clear to sprint to the student center, which would have been the easiest way. Instead I’m told Steve is coming for me and to wait there. So that’s what I did. And low and behold, a group of four heavily armed guys come to my rescue. Our escape involved faking up to the third floor and sneaking out the back. The way over was apparently more eventful than the way back. Steve almost got tagged out if Ryan hadn’t saved him with a well-aimed sock. Adventures were had all around.

The second highlight was getting turned into a zombie Thursday afternoon. I was unfortunately unable to type up a proper post while turning as it happened during class but here’s the full story: I was coming back from play practice in the bagpiper and decided to cut across Alumni parking lot. This was my first mistake. You’d think I’d know better after seeing zombies hanging around the alley between the bagpiper and Alexander hall, but nooo. I didn’t see anyone, therefore obviously there was no one there. I found out otherwise when I had nearly reached the music building and footsteps hurried behind me. I turned just in time to find a zombie heading for me, fire off one shot, which missed, and fall backwards very gracefully as I was tagged. If I had had a sock out I probably would have survived. Stupid mistake number two. The zombie was very nice about his kill, though. He felt bad about my fall, though it was totally my own fault, and helped me up and everything. The only thing about being turned into a zombie that late in the game is you don’t really fit, I guess. You’ve bonded to all of the surviving humans and you don’t really have time to join fully into the zombie ranks. I felt very out of place and a little sad as a zombie.

This brings us to the third highlight of the week: my revival. This story may be a little less exciting, but I know this is the one that most people want to hear, if only for clarification. For one of the challenges the humans were rewarded with antidote darts. A message was sent out Friday morning saying that Steve would have the darts and that the first six zombies to find him would be cured between 9:30 and 10:30. At first I didn’t dare to hope for revival. I wasn’t going to do the final mission anyway, I had friends coming on to campus, I wanted to go swing dancing, I couldn’t do it, I was too scared. Besides, I was a useless survivor anyway. I’d only made it that long due to the protection and leadership of Ryan, Steve and Alex. But the more I thought about it the more I wanted to be human again. I was sad sitting there with the survivors while the rain poured outside. I hadn’t killed anyone yet and probably wouldn’t, being so busy that day and having no desire to go out in the rain. And when Steve came through Northwood and dropped several very transparent hints that I should become human again… well, how can a girl resist? I followed and he shot me with an antidote dart, returning my humanity to me.

And now it’s over. You’ve heard the story of our escape from Northwood down to the extraction point. It was the most exciting and terrifying experience I’d had all week. Most of the missions I missed due to work or night class and I have to admit, I was rather intimidated by several of the zombies running around. I very nearly chickened out, but the thought of wasting that antidote dart wouldn’t let me back down. I’d made a choice and I had to stick with it. I’m very glad that I did. You cannot imagine the sense of pride I got when we made it to that safe square. To see the firing squad there to protect us, to reach that zone and know that we’d won, that we’d made it, and we hadn’t lost a single player; there is nothing like it. I never thought I would survive as long as I did, let alone make it to the final mission and survive that. Somehow I did, though, and I’m super proud of that accomplishment, even if I did spend sixteen hours as a zombie in the middle of it.

So that’s been my week in a nutshell. I had so much fun, despite missing out on the nice weather at the beginning of the week and running full tilt through the rain on several occasions; getting up obnoxiously early to avoid zombies, sleeping on couches, and hiding in buildings. Standing in the cold for half an hour after running like crazy for my life with the remnants of a cold irritating my chest was totally worth it for the chance to say that I won Humans v. Zombies my first year, and in a dress no less. I successfully fought of zombies in a dress and made it to the safe zone. How many people can say that? Really, though, I owe all of my success to my friends Ryan, Alex and Steve who brought me through this week, watching my back, guiding my steps and bring me back to life. Thanks guys, you were amazing.

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