HvZ Extraction

13 Apr

120 hours after infection

I can hardly believe it. The thought that we are safe at last, that we made it this far… I don’t know if it will ever truly sink in. We are safe. The words sound so strange. We are safe to stand in the sun, in the rain. We are safe to walk around once more without the constant fear of zombies hiding in the bushes, behind the cars. We made it.

I spent a lot of time hiding today. I stuck to the library and old main and avoided the student center at all cost. There was nothing for me there anyway. Then the call came. The sound of helicopters; the sound of hope. The firing squad had come for us at last! Now all we had to do was get to them. I sprinted to Northwood, the closest building and the least guarded. Other survivors had gathered their as well, waiting for the signal to move out. There were seven of us there and eleven in the S&E. Two made the sprint between the buildings. I can’t deny that my heart lightened at the sight of Alex. Somehow his presence made me sure that we would make it. If Alex couldn’t get us through this, no one could. We were given only a few minutes to strategize  before being flung out of Northwood into the zombie ridden campus. We made our way from Northwood to old main and from there to the student center, down to the underground. We took a moment there to catch our breath. We thought we had lost Travis, one of our top survivors, briefly, but he turned up behind us and we were ready to move out once more.

From there on it was a fight to the finish. We knew where the safe zone was, we just had to make it there. We pressed forward. Two waves of zombies came at us from the front and a few tried to move in behind us. It was a terrifying endurance trial, but we moved on through the horde until we made it to the firing squad. Once we had them covering us we were able to sprint to the safe zone. All ten of us. Everyone we started out with made it safely to the extraction point. The other team was not so lucky.

It was windy and cold by now and we had to wait nearly half an hour before we truly safe. The other group of survivors struggled to make it behind the field house. They had gone out later than we had and thought to sneak around by the road and down beyond the field. This was a mistake they paid for dearly. Two or three of them managed to spring down, one did not make it. A brave survivor scaled the steep hill behind us to join us in the safe zone. When everything was said and done, about thirteen of us were saved. The zombies taunted us from beyond the safe zone, though many of them hadn’t the guts for real action. Travis shot down the girly sophomore who had plagued us Wednesday morning. I must admit, I was a little jealous. I’d liked to have shot him myself. I did shoot him, in fact, but it was for my own gratification and had no real effect. Felt good, though.

This is it, then, my friends. I have spent the last week running and hiding in fear of zombies. I have survived in rain and sun, been turned and turned back again and somehow I have come out of it alive. I am safe and sound now, without fear of the outside world. I can walk and be confident that there are no corpses hiding just out of site. We made it. I look forward most to sleeping as much as I can. I have so missed sleeping in. Thank you for joining me on this adventure, my friends. It has been a pleasure being human with you.

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