HvZ 60 hours

10 Apr

60 hours after infection.

The sun is shining, for now, through the usual cloud cover of Beaver Falls and once more we are trapped in Northwood, waiting for a chance to escape. It’s day three since the zombies invaded campus and still the humans are holding firm. It’s getting scary out there, though, and there’s no going back to the way things were, not after so many have fallen. We lost more last night after we had made it safely home. I fear for the future with so many good men and women lost to the zombie plague.

We overslept this morning and suffered for the indulgence. Four zombies guarded Northwood when we arrived on campus and they spotted us before we could make it past the football field gate. We retreated to the parking lot and they seemed uninterested in us for the time being, waiting for us to make the first move. We were joined by the most girlish sophomore boy I’ve met on campus and the four of us advanced. It was a showdown for the most part, us inching towards the doors while the zombies hesitated to come after us, afraid of our firearms. Two zombies were taken out on the way in and once more we were safe. Naps were well deserved.

From 9:30 to 11:30 was granted to us as a safe time. It was so strange to be able to stroll around campus without fear of hiding corpses throwing themselves at me. The sky was overcast, as is to be expected here, but the air was warm and the fresh air was greatly appreciated. My comrades and I spent an hour laying on the grass outside of Old Main, enjoying the sun when it chose to peek out and listening to 90s music. There is no better way to enjoy a time of peace. We get so few of them nowadays. I drank my first cup of coffee all week and enjoyed every drop.

The cease-fire lasted long enough for me to safely take refuge in Northwood after discovering my class was cancelled for the day. I have been hiding here ever since. I am ever amazed by the length of time I have survived this disaster. I would have thought I’d be eaten by now. Twirls, Ryan, Steve and I remain alive and ready to fight each time we leave the safety of the buildings. More challenges lay before us and the outside is growing ever more dangerous, but I feel, for the first time, that perhaps I can hope to see the end of this war.

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