The Usual Cold

31 Mar

Here we go again. As if you all haven’t heard me gripe about my colds before, here’s another post about how my face hurts, as usual. I don’t get sick too terribly often. The last time I was really sick was last spring break when I suffered a trip-ruining three-day-long stomach virus. Since then I’ve been relatively healthy, save for this, my semi-annual cold. Those who know me well will know that I suffer these colds at least twice a year, once in the spring, once in the fall. I was really surprised that this one took so long to set in, but it’s finally come to rest in my face until it sees fit to move into my lungs for a week.

You would think a cold would move in a straight line. It would make sense for them to start at the top and move down, going from face to throat to chest. That’s not how my colds work. My colds start in my throat… for whatever reason. They stay there for no longer than a day usually and then move into my face. My friends always laugh at me when I say that, but that’s where it is. My sinuses become very unhappy with me during this time. My nose gets stuffy and runny and generally unpleasant and my sinuses ache with the pressure. It’s not fun. This usually lasts a couple of days at least before it progresses down into my chest. This is the final phase and the one that always seems to last the longest. I have mixed feelings about this phase. It’s not pleasant to cough all over the place, but it’s better than being unable to breath through your nose, I think. My real problem with it is the fact that you’re expected to take some form of medication to solve this issue and I hate taking medication.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand perfectly well the uses of medication and all the super wonderful good they can do. However, suffering from mild anxiety as I do, taking medication just leads to more stress mixed in with being sick. I’ve always been super paranoid about taking to much or the wrong thing at the wrong time or what have you, no matter what the drug happens to be. To add to this natural anxiety about taking medication, cold meds have the magical ability to cause anxiety as a side effect. Yeah, how do you like that? On top of that, I am a tiny Farkas and therefore taking big people doses tends to have more effect on me. I’ve been advised to take child-sized doses if at all.

I’m okay with most medications. There’s really only one that truly bothers me and that’s Mucinex… or whatever generic brand we get. I don’t know why that particular drug tends to cause all this anxiety in me but I’ve noticed that when I have to take it I do have a tendency to freak out about it more than is reasonable. Solution: don’t take Mucinex. This means I get to suck on cough drops and hope that my lungs have the natural ability to expel mucus on their own. I am fairly confident that they can.

Have you ever noticed how colds tend to come at the most inconvenient of times? You may or may not remember last fall semester when I was forced to struggle through finals week with a late fall cold. Or the summer before that semester when I spent my best friend’s grad party feeling like my face was going to explode. Fun stuff, really. This cold hasn’t been nearly that bad, but it has been rather inconvenient. I woke up this past Friday with that tell-tale ache in my throat heralding the coming cold. I tried to optimistically hope that it was just a morning ache from sleeping with my mouth open, or something like that, but I knew better. Still, I didn’t want to admit that I had some how managed to catch a cold the day I was driving down to meet my boyfriend’s extended family. Silly Farkas. Luckily his family is awesome. They took very good care of me as I sneezed my way through Friday and Saturday and sniffled through the family dinner and church service on Sunday. I was treated to tea and tissues and sudafedrin in the hopes that my face would not hurt so much. If it wasn’t completely obvious that I have the best boyfriend ever, it is now.

So there it is, yet another cold rant. I’m hoping this will be over quickly since it’s been so mild, but we’ll see. Colds are very tricky things. You’ll probably be hearing another one of these in about six months when I catch my next unfortunate, semi-annual cold. Let’s hope that one is at least considerate enough to come when I have nothing better to do than be sick.

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