Missing My Library

11 Mar

It’s obvious I maybe spending a little too much time in my library. Why? Because it’s spring break, I’ve been gone from it for only four days and I’m dreaming about it. Apparently I miss it enough for it to enter into my dreams. Not that I’m complaining, mind you. It was a bizarre dream, as most are, but it was a pleasant dream, nonetheless. I just find it a little funny that it’s gotten to this point.

Have you noticed how dreams tend to be in places where you spend a lot of time? Or spent, as the case may be? I have a lot of dreams that take place in my old house. It’s not surprising, really, we lived there for fifteen years of my life, twenty-two in my parents’ case. So naturally that location is still a big part of my subconscious. I recently dreamed about trying to escape ninjas in that house… yeah, apparently I think about ninjas a lot too. Not that I have this dream thing down to a science, but it seems to me that the things you encounter in dreams more often than not are things that you think about a lot. When Left 4 Dead 2 came out and Brelyn had me watching all sorts of zombie related things I had a lot of zombie dreams. They weren’t all scary, but they did have a lot of zombies in them.

I’ve given up trying to be the hero in my dreams. Not that I can control what I do in dreams to any real extent, but when it occurs to me, I do my best not to be the hero. It just never turns out well. You know how you try to do something really cool and it just ends up backfiring in your dream? Yeah, that happens to me a lot. I’ve found that I can’t hit people in my dreams. It’s weird. You would think since I can’t hit them in real life I’d at least be able to do it in my dream. But I think even my subconscious is a pacifistic. I can try hit people, but it always either encounters the invisible force field or misses, thus making me look a little silly. Which is unfortunate, because if you can’t punch someone for being an idiot in real life, you should be able to in your dreams. Again, not that I would ever punch someone… for that reason. >.>

Moving on! So this dream; it was in the library. It’s not the first dream I’ve had in the library. The first dream in the library had to do with Twirls and took place mainly in the research room. This was mainly in the stacks and include a few usual made up characters who may or may not have represented people I know in real life. I was trying to research my grandfather for some reason in Geneva’s third floor which in reality isn’t the right place to look at all. though there is some history stuff up there… The section I was looking in, which should be histories of various wars, I believe, was a mix of fiction and family books… it was strange. Anyway, I kept wandering the third floor looking for something on my grandfather because I was writing a section about him for publishing when my boyfriend pops up looking for his travel mug, which he thought he left in the Covenanters’ collection, in the metal cages. I have no idea why he’d be in there… actually, that might not surprise me so much, now that I stop to think about it. Anyway, it didn’t matter because he suddenly had the cup in his hand and that was the end of my dream. Another exciting adventure in the library.

That was truly a very tame dream for me. Usually there’s some sort of monkey running around, or Apocalypse going on. On occasion I’ll find myself leading a rebel army through Brady’s Run Park or barricading survivors in the church with mattresses and sliding boards. And we’re not even going to go into what I do in other peoples dreams. Well, at least I didn’t dream about shelving, or shelf reading or other such dull library tasks. Maybe next time I’ll try to escape ninjas in the library. I feel it would be easier to escape ninjas in my own domain.

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