He Did Well

14 Feb

So, it’s Valentine’s Day, guys. It’s really late on Valentine’s Day, but it is still Valentine’s Day, even though most of you won’t read this until tomorrow. Anyway, moving on. You will probably not remember my previous Valentine’s Day rants as they were not terribly memorable. I’ve never had a terribly great attachment to this holiday, however, I might just form one for one reason only: I have the best boyfriend ever. Seriously, I know like every girl ever says that about her boy, but really, mine is clearly the best. I shall explain.

For saying how bad he is with gifts he’s been doing really really well since we started dating. For my birthday he made me a cake and gave me flowers. Seriously, what is better than cake and flowers? It was absolutely the perfect thing to do for a girl who’s not had super great experiences on her birthday. For Christmas he got me the perfect purple spoon necklace. I wear it everyday and it is fabulous, quirky and classy and so my style. He’s two for two for those who might be counting. He made that three for three today with his super awesome Valentine’s Day surprise. I don’t know if it was supposed to be a surprise or not, but it was as I wasn’t really expecting anything for today. As I’ve said, I’m not big on the whole romantic holiday thing, and I know that he isn’t either so it didn’t really cross my mind that he would be doing something for me. He did something awesome.

My boyfriend is my near opposite in terms of academic interests. I love to write and read literature and listen to poetry readings in the form of spoken word. He prefers maths and sciences; things you can apply logic to. He does computer programming for fun in his spare time. We are very different. He doesn’t write. I mean, he does when he has to, but not for fun. He claims he’s bad with word-smithing, however, I’m starting to doubt that. His gift for me this Valentine’s Day was the sweetest letter I have ever received, and it was absolutely perfect. He stayed up late last night hand writing it, in cursive, after spending a week writing it over and over to get it just right. To repeat the title: He did well! He also got me dark chocolate, with caramel and a bag of chocolate truffles, which somehow managed to disappear at some point. Yeah, I’m not sure when they disappeared, but I’m sure someone is enjoying them. Anyway, the main point is still that he hand wrote me a letter. I’ve been squeeing about it to my friends all day. Honestly, I was more excited about the letter when I saw it then I was about the chocolate around it.

So there you have it; my boyfriend is awesome, and suddenly Valentine’s Day isn’t so lame. Okay, for the most part it’s still an over commercialized holiday that is a sort of mesh up between the Christian holiday to honor the martyrs and the Roman Lupercalia fertility festival, however, if I get chocolate and sweet letters every February 14, I’m okay with that.

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