2012 Year End Review

31 Dec

It’s funny to look back on an entire year. It seems smaller when you’re looking backwards somehow; more compact than it should be. It’s a bizarre sort of feeling. Now is the time of looking back, of the facebook year-in-summery popups and the 2012 top tens. It’s been a long and weird year, but then again, what year isn’t? When I was a kid I didn’t think much of this year changing time, but now it seems to mean more. It’s a mark of progress and a time to pause and acknowledge the changes that have occurred. So let’s look back, shall we?


January brought a surprising lack of snow and a surprising amount of warmth. It started my second semester at Geneva with my very first real job, and my first morning to over sleep. I promised myself I would write more, and I didn’t. As far as months go, January was a pretty boring one.

My favorite post: The Goggles; They Do Nothing!


February was short and full of excitement. It was the month leading up to the trip to Ireland and that was all I could think about. It was still unusually warm, especially for February, but there was a little snow in there and much time spent in Jess and Danielle’s apartment. The most notable parts of February were really the shopping trips with Dakota and Jess as we prepared for the big trip.

My favorite post: Things I Love


March started a very hard month for me, but it had a little good in it too. The universe turned on me, striking me down with a terrible stomach virus the morning I was supposed to leave for Ireland. Half way through the airport I was forced to turn back and return home where I spent the next week crying myself to sleep. You don’t miss a trip like that without getting a little upset. I was lucky enough to work in the library to make up for missing the trip, and keep me distracted so that I wouldn’t dwell on it. Going back to classes after that was rough, seeing my friends and explaining what happened was hard and talking to my professor about what I needed to do for the class was a challenge. Thankfully things got better. Later in March I started talking to an obscure friend of my friend’s boyfriend whom I had encountered twice before, very briefly, at contra dance. It was a start.

My favorite post: Throw Your Second Ball First


April brought my bag back from Ireland. That was an adventure. After a month of trying to get my poor luggage back from the trip I was supposed to go on he finally found his way home to me bringing with him all of my favorite things. My curling rod, my favorite socks, my fuzzy pajama pants; everything I needed to make me feel better was mine once more. It brought kittens, as April usually does. Six new babies to add to our collection. April also granted me a very spunky red-headed friend to add to my growing Geneva family. I started interacting more with that obscure friend of a friend’s boyfriend who I now referred to as the guy from contra dance when explaining to my friends. The end of the month brought with it the end of the semester and brand new anxiety attacks in the middle of the night. Didn’t miss those, not going to lie.

My favorite post: Procrastination is an Art Form


May brought an end to finals and most importantly The AVENGERS! A movie which I would watch six times over the course of the summer… in theaters. It brought a sort of date with the guy I was starting to suspect might actually like me, though I didn’t want to assume anything because I’m awkward and after the last time I wasn’t terribly keen on jumping into anything too quickly. The other highlight of my first month of summer was working in the library. Again, first real job, kind of a big deal. I loved it, even if it was a lot of sitting around at the desk and sorting mail for that first month. It was lovely and I was surrounded by books. What could possibly be better?

My favorite post: Sitting Among Books


June brought unfortunate work hours and lots of adventures. Getting up to go to work at 8 am in the summer is not cool. I’m in college, can’t you at least let me have these last few summers to sleep in? Ah well, preparing for the real world and all that. Kylie and I went on magical adventures together, mostly in search of a bowling alley so that we could bowl really badly. We also attempted to go to Kennywood, failed, tried to go to the wave pool, failed and ended up taking naps instead. It happens. June also established the potential relationship with the guy I saw every Thursday after work. There’s a reason I liked Thursdays best. With interest out in the open I felt slightly less guilty about dragging him to the drive-in with us to watch Brave so that he could meet my Kylie and my Courtney and my brother… who happened to be holding a knife for completely innocent uses. An accurate first impression, but not a terribly friendly one.

My favorite post: At the Drive in


July more adventures~ Specifically adventures of a certain Captain America plushie I happened to come across while purchasing a Captain America t-shirt. It was very important that I have him. Kylie and I took him to Eire with us to begin his adventures as we enjoyed a special weekend with Carly and my mom. We went to the zoo~ and to the beach to fly a very special kite named Viggo. He was shaped like an owl. Earlier that month I finally got to watch Fantastic Mr. Fox, tried to eat Chinese take-out without forks and started officially dating my potential soul-mate. It was a good time. This meant he had to formally meet my special Brelyn creature to get her approval. This brought with it another adventure involving Cheeburger and some spontaneous mini-golf. Yeah, it was an interesting day.

I wrote nothing.


August brought my friends back! I drove down and spent a day riding horses and shooting bb guns with Danielle and Jess and it was lovely. I finally got to meet the horses I had heard so much about. I went on a camping adventure with my family during which time it rained everyday. But it was camping, so I can’t really complain. I dragged my sister to McConnell’s Mills with me and Logan and his sisters, during which time I did some bonding and she said as little as possible. I bought a dalek. It is fabulous. I took my girls to Idlewild with my dad and my sister and had an adventure in the Story Book Forest. My third semester and second year at Geneva started, bringing with it some of my favorite people. I got my Dakota back and attached myself to Twirls. She hasn’t been able to shake me since. I got a new phone while a slightly better plan and named him after a mouse.

My favorite post: The World Through Violet Eyes II


September I turned 21 and it was surprisingly painless. Unlike last year I managed to avoid any major catastrophe and come out completely unscathed from the experience of growing older. I didn’t drink, but I did go to the Ren. Fair, as usual, with many lovely friends and a Nii-chan. We had an adventure getting there, as usual, and an adventure leaving… just because. My friends took me out for a night in Pittsburgh while wearing kilts and medieval dresses… and pants, in Courtney’s case. I watched Downton Abbey and ate chicken Alfredo with some of my favorite people and my boyfriend made me a cake. c: How could a birthday be any better? I formed a bible study with my transfer friends and grew even closer to my campus circle.

My favorite post: Check ALL the Pockets


October I went swing dancing, I made the longest drive I’ve ever made, I dressed like a Pyro, I became a tree, and I tried to learn physics by putting a book on my head while curled up in a nest chair. It may have worked. I made the trip down south-east to spend some time with Logan’s family for Fall Break. There were many board games played and adventures had. The weather was lovely and there was much bonding. I spent much of the month preparing The Little Prince for opening night. I was a tree, and a baobab, and a flower and a sunset. It was amazing. I discovered that my ancestors were really super awesome, one having fought in the Revolutionary War survived to be 86, and that I have a ton of random nationalities all coming from my grandmother’s side. The most important being Irish, which I can trace back to County Mayo and Scottish, which I will be looking more into soon. I missed quite a bit of swing dancing, but, fortunately, I did not have to sacrifice the formal swing, which I somehow magically got my boyfriend to attend. It will never happen again, I’m sure. A certain Panda decided I would make a perfect Pyro to complete the characters from TF2. I’m not entirely sure why, but I went with it, dressing in red, duck taping empty pop cans and wearing a gas mask for an evening while carrying a unicorn pillow pet. It was special.

My favorite post: Writing on the Wall


November I ate waffles. It was good. I also suffered through one of the most unfortunate weeks since March. From relationship issues to tea-drown phones, to lost Captain Americas, all while fighting a cold, it was a very rough week. Luckily I was blessed with some super awesome friends to help me through it. Thanksgiving was good, though. I tried my first glass of wine and told my dad all about our castles in Ireland, which, according to him, sank into the swamp.

My favorite post: Happy Thanksgiving


December ended my third semester at Geneva. It was full of papers. I wore my prom dress for the third time to probably the best Film Fest I’m likely to experience, from what I hear. There were many fabulous films by many fabulous people. I lost my favorite purple cardigan. It’s been an issue all month. I went to see the Hobbit, twice. Not as impressive as the Avengers, but we’ll work on it. There was much shopping, naturally. I hung out with the cutest baby ever and made cookies with my favorite small blond girls. I forced by boyfriend to attempt candy cane cookies with my dad and me. I feel kind of bad about that one. I got many Captain America related items. I went shopping and bought nothing purple. I spent a few days with Logan’s family and memorized the way to his house, because I’m a huge creep like that.

My favorite post: That Strange Free Feeling

And that is my entire year in a nutshell. If you made it this far… well I’m rather impressed. Thanks for putting up with me this year, through all my random whining and pointless rants. I will strive to post more often than I have, but I can make no promises. This next year promises to be a brand new adventure, and we all know how I feel about adventures.


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2 responses to “2012 Year End Review

  1. Dakota

    January 1, 2013 at 3:23 pm

    you are spectacular.
    and i love you.

    • Farkas

      January 1, 2013 at 5:55 pm

      I love you too ❤ I can't wait to spend an entire semester in class with you!


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