The After Christmas

26 Dec

Well, it’s over. Christmas 2012 has passed and will never happen again. The presents are all open, the relatives have been seen, and all the stress of preparation has melted away, right? Well, unless you do something spectacular for New Years. We, however, do not and now it is finally time to relax.

I feel, in many ways, that the day after Christmas is sort of like the first day of break. You’ve been working hard all month to find the perfect gift for everything, bake all the cookies, decorate the house, find the right tree or assemble the tree depending on who you are, plan out your time so that you can see everyone you need to see and then BAM! Christmas Eve and everything you’ve worked so hard for is in motion and likely doesn’t stop until you come home after all the festivities and/or everyone’s left and you can finally sit down and take a breath. This is the impression of Christmas that I get these days. Actually, our Christmas compared to this model is pretty leisurely. We do most of our running around Christmas Eve and then we spend a good deal of Christmas at home napping. It’s a good deal.

Still, there is always that sense of void when Christmas is finally over. Much like the absence of homework, the shopping is done, the preparations are finished and fulfilled, and now there is nothing left to do but stair at all the new stuff you got and eat the left over cookies. I know quite a few people who like this day after Christmas better than the day itself. It’s a free day, a day for true rest after all the holiday stress. It’s a day to sit and breath and not worry about plans or gifts or anything silly like that.

I almost didn’t take that breath this year; the weather had other ideas. I happen to be in the upcoming wedding of a dear friend of mine. Naturally, this means dress shopping. Well, looking at least. The plan was to meet up at David’s Bridal and go from there I assume. There wasn’t really a full plan but the outline involved me driving about forty minutes south to meet up with my two friends. Then the weather forecast. 3-6 inches of snow, for that area. 6-10 for mine. Even if I wanted to brave it, my parents are having it. I’d have to take Mom’s car after all and Rhodes doesn’t do as well in snow as Grani. So our date has been moved to next week and I am quite thoroughly stuck at home. I’m kind of okay with this. I am disappointed that I don’t get to see my friends, but being snowed in isn’t so bad. I can do useful things, like laundry, and read fancy books, and write rambling blog posts. You know, the usual.

It’s funny how my life has started to pick up since college started. Even so much as last year I didn’t have nearly as much going on as I do now. My life has been very nearly nonstop since last Spring and it’s a sort of surreal feeling looking back. My summer wasn’t really much of a vacation. I worked at 8 nearly every day, which means I hardly ever got to lay around in my pajamas as I would normally spend my summer doing. Then the semester hit and while I had less real work to do than I normally would every class but one had me reading a different book every week and on top of that, I suddenly have friends on campus. Throw in a play for half the semester and you get very little down time. So you think when the semester is finally over and finals are done with that it’s time to rest, right? Nope, then it’s time to catch up on all the neglected chores from finals week; the massive amount of laundry I didn’t do, the room cleaning I abandoned several times in favor of catching up on school reading, plus all the shopping that I didn’t get done. Throw in the annual visit to my old high school, cookie making, watching my girls, plus the baby I’ve been dying to see and you really don’t get the rest you expected you’d be getting.

Perhaps this snowstorm is God telling me to chill. That was terrible, I apologize. Seriously, though, this snow storm is the perfect excuse to stay in, sleep late, and keep my Captain America jammies on. I’m perfectly okay with taking today to catch my breath before jumping back into the current tomorrow. More friends to see, an adventure down to see the bf and family and the rescheduled outing are waiting for me at week’s end, but today I’m going to enjoy being snowed in. Happy After Christmas everyone.

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