30 May

I have this habit. I’m not sure when it formed or why but it’s taking over my bed. I call it nesting. What is nesting, you may ask? It’s when you form a nest in your bed. Pretty self-explanatory really. I’ve already told you all about how much I love pillows and how much I love blankets. Well this is where they two mesh together. Here’s how it works.

I have a stack of pillows at the top of my bed. I can’t just have one pillow, no that’d be too easy. I need three. The three constantly slide about and form a mess at the top of my bed. Then there are side pillows. I have a regular pillow and a large, fluffy, fuzzy pillow which gets shifted around as well. All of these pillows slide together to form a half circle in the inner corner of my bed. That’s half of the nest. The other half is made up of blankets. I may or may not have a thing for threes. I haven’t decided yet, but I have three blankets as well. A fuzzy purple blanket, good for sleeping and cuddling with at the same time, a comforter, which is what most normal people sleep with and a quilt that was made for me that kind of gets jumbled about in different places depending on how cold or warm it is.

I think the problem is I start out with all of the warms and the fuzzies and then I start to get too warm in the middle of the night. So I kick the extra coverings around and somehow end up freezing in the middle of the night, curled under my purple blanket with the other coverings bunched up around me, thus forming a complete nest in my sleep. It’s not a bad way to sleep, all things considered. It really is quite comfortable. The only thing is that things tend to get lost in the nesting process. Particularly stuffed animals, sometimes rings that fall of my fingers while I sleep, sometimes socks. As if I don’t have enough trouble losing socks in the wash, now I’m losing them in my sleep as well.

The funny thing about my nest is that it only really takes up half of my bed. You’d think I’d use up the whole bed, considering it’s a rather short bed, not mean for someone any longer than 5’5”. But no, in my itty bitty tininess I have managed to compact my sleeping to half of that size. I’m sure this is not surprising to those of you who know me well, mostly Kylie whom I often share a bed with. My ball form is known to many of my friends, and those other people who like to poke at me. >.> I have been known to sprawl from time to time, but for the most part, the ball form seems to be my natural sleeping state.

So that is my confession for the day. I am a nester. I sleep in a nest. You now know my deepest darkest sleeping secret. Actually I can think of a few deeper… maybe one or two darker. But you’re not getting those out of me. You’ll have to settle for this one.

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