Progress: My bag is in Ireland

23 Mar

So guys, you know how I tried to fly to Ireland with the flu and made it about half way through the airport before I had to turn back? Apparently my bags didn’t stop. My professor told me they were probably pulled from the flight before it left the US. He lied. Okay, he didn’t lie, but he was certainly wrong about my bags still being on this side of the pond.

Okay, here’s the story. My family doesn’t fly, so we had no idea what to do about my luggage. So we wait until the group gets back, hoping maybe they brought my luggage back with them. They didn’t. So I talk to Dr. Copeland and he tells me I have to call United and have them track my back down. Doesn’t tell me how to do that, just that I have to do it. So after searching for some sort of customer service number I find this number for baggage resolution. So I call it and talk to some Indian guy I can’t understand and who keeps asking for a number I can’t find because he won’t tell me where it is. That gets me nowhere.

The problem with this first attempt was that I couldn’t find the claim stub that went to my baggage sticker with the number I needed on it. I had put the strip it came off of on the table with my other stuff, but it disappeared and I hadn’t realized that the sticker itself had come off anyway. So we’re trying to figure out how to get this bag back without this number that we need. It’s not working. So, by the grace of God, I stumbled across the bulletin from Chapel that passed week which somehow had the sticker half stuck to it. A sign? Maybe, I’m just thankful that I found it. Who knows what might have happened to it if I hadn’t. So as I am a very busy even though I found it on Monday and called the PIA to leave a message with baggage claim they didn’t get back to me because it wasn’t there and I didn’t get to call United again because I had no time between tests and papers and small blonde children.

So apparently the Irish are most diligent and courteous enough to call me first thing in the morning upon finding my bag. The problem with this is, first thing in the morning over there is 3:15 in the morning over here. So as they’re trying to call me I’m flopping around my bed trying to figure out who the hell is calling me at 3 AM and why they feel the need to disturb my sleep the night before a Spanish test and why it is that they left a voice mail seeing as the only possible person it might be is one of those spam recordings that like to congratulate me on something I don’t care about. I remembered to check the voice mail just before I left for school to discover that my bags made it all the way to Ireland without me. Nice of him to go adventuring without me. I named him Teddy as he’s a vintage blue suitcase that has been hiding in my parents closet and therefore needed a good vintage name.

Alright, so my bag is in Dublin. Next step is to try to call them back at the super long number she left. The problem is I can’t call Dublin from my phone or the home phone. So I call United again. Guess what. I GOT TO TALK TO AN AMERICAN! Seriously, after talking to people I couldn’t understand for a week actually having someone I can understand and who understands me was sooo refreshing. So I got that all straightened out, gave him my information and they’re going to call Dublin and have them send my bag back over. This is very good. I miss my curler, I miss my Bible, I miss my socks. I miss my phone charger. I miss a lot of things in that bag. I can’t wait to get it back.

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