Button Button

20 Mar

I like buttons. I’m not sure why, but I do. I’m not terribly obsessive over them or anything, but I have noticed a definite attraction to clothing that has strategically, if not practically placed buttons. They don’t even have to do anything, but the more buttons the better.

Take my coats for example. Both of my coats have two rows of buttons even though one row does absolutely nothing. They just chill there and look pretty and that’s okay. It’s not just coats though, I have a couple vests that have random buttons on them, some pants and a shirt or two that sport decorative buttons with no functions. It seems that buttons have moved beyond functions in a lot of areas. There are those classic areas where they will always be useful, of course, but there are also places where they pop up completely useless, save for the little bit of flair they add. Maybe it’s the shiny aspect. Even when they look dumb stuck in spots they have no place being it they’re somehow still attractive.

Small bunny trail; what ever happened to snaps? Is it just a little kid thing, or did they go out of style while I wasn’t looking? It’s the most random thought, but I can’t help but wonder. I used to have snaps on all jackets and all of my jeans as a kid. I liked snaps better than buttons, I think, though now I am partial to the buttons. I get the feeling they were a 90s thing. Not that I remember much from the 90s, mind you, the first nine years of my life tend to be a little hazy, but I do remember snaps and how convenient they were for little hands. Maybe I’ll rediscover them when I have kids of my own. It’s entirely possible they’ve disappeared into the world of 7 and under which I glimpse from time to time when Riley visits. I can’t remember the last time I saw her in jeans.

Back to the buttons, though, as amusing as they can be they are a pain in the but. Why? you might ask, because they’re always falling off. Seriously, I cannot tell you how many buttons I’ve lost. I have this pretty nice red coat that I got from a neighbor way back when. It was in pretty good condition except for a missing button, maybe two. Know how many buttons it has now? None. I’m pretty sure I’ve lost all the buttons, and probably the coat to boot. I know what you’re thinking; “Farkas, how do you lose so many buttons?” I have no idea. I guess they just don’t like me much. I’ve sewed at least three buttons back on my new coat and I’ve only had it for about six months now and been wearing it for maybe four of those months. Luckily I haven’t actually lost any of those buttons. I have, however misplaced one button from my spring jacket. It wasn’t an important button or anything, it just happened to fall off… for some reason, and I’m not sure where I put it. My green vest is the same way. Four buttons, three of them have been sown back on. I like how my shoddy sewing skills somehow hold better than the fancy machines that put my clothes together.

But, you know what? I think they’re worth it. Buttons are amusing and even when they fall off they give me something to do so that I can slack off and feel productive all at once. So I think I’ll keep them and keep sewing them back on. They’ll stay eventually.

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