Preparations prt: 2

29 Feb

Super fast update guys. I went shopping with Jess and Dakota and bought an awesome raincoat. Unfortunately it is not purple. I will live, I suppose. I also got a pair of rain boots that were not purple. This means I very nearly went shopping without buying anything that was purple… except that we went to Ross’s and there was a purple and gray striped cardigan that I could not resist… Yeah, we shouldn’t have gone in there.

Anyway, we also bought supplies. I bough conditioner by mistake and now am in search of new shampoo. Searching for new things is depressing. I have my clothes picked out for the most part and chilling in my suitcase which now has an address tag on it so that it can be sent back to me in case it gets lost. I still need to do some more laundry and get my debit card. Yeah, the card that was supposed to be sent to me by the end of last week got sent somewhere else so I have to go and pick it up at my bank and my dad can’t even do it for me so that I can do the other things I had planned already. Banks suck.

So, that is my progress. I’d say I’m about 69% ready for Ireland. Oh! I got a backpack too! I’m not sure what I’m going to do with it just yet. >.> I’m sure I’ll think of something clever, though. Like putting stuff in it. Though whether it counts as carry on or a personal item I am not yet sure. >.> We’ll see. Two days until we leave.

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  1. Dakota

    February 29, 2012 at 12:25 pm



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