Things I Love

14 Feb

Well guys, it’s Valentine’s Day, again. You may or may not remember my rant last year so I’m doing something different this year. Rather than talk about the martyrs or flowers or the celebration of the single I thought I’d talk about things that I love. That’s what this is all about, isn’t it?

I love buffalo chicken dip. I know I’ve already said it once but I’ll say it again, I love buffalo chicken dip. It’s like crack, it seriously is. I cannot get enough of it and probably never will. It was probably a mistake on my mother’s part to teach me how to make it myself. I’ve tried to control myself but sometimes it is quite futile.

I love French fries. They are also very much like crack. Seriously, everything tastes better with a side of French fries. In fact, I should learn how to make French fries so that I can make them with my buffalo chicken dip. >.>

I love fluffy things. Things that are fuzzy and soft make me endlessly happy. I love cuddling with soft blankets, wearing soft pants, sleeping on fuzzy pillows. Fluffiness is the epitome of happiness.

I love characters. You should all know this by now. Fantastic characters that you can’t help but love, or love to hate, which ever. Characters that get the job done and make you feel what you’re supposed to feel without being melodramatic. I loves them so much.

I love a good story. You should know this too. A good adventure story or a great mystery. Something to make me laugh and cry and wiggle in bed as I read it. Something like that would be good, thanks.

I love chocolate. I’m a girl, though, so what do you expect? Actually I know a couple girls who don’t like chocolate, but I love it. I wouldn’t say I could live off of it, but I wouldn’t say no to a life time supply if it were offered to me. Especially if it were dark chocolate.

I love cats. They fall under both fluffy and characters but I feel they should get their own space. I love all of my cats, all five of them, and I love most other cats too. I would give them all the loves if I could.  

I love my family. As bizarre and annoying as they can be I love them. My mom is amazing, my dad is awesome, my brother can be cool when he feels like it and my sister… well I think she kind of speaks for herself.

I love my friends. I have some truly amazing friends and I treasure every one of them. From those I’ve known since sixth grade, to my high school companions, to those few I’ve met just this past semester. I love you guys. 

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