Girls Night In

31 Jan

Some girls like to go out and have fun. Kylie and I prefer to stay in. Oh we have the option of going out, but we choose to stay inside, where it’s warm and dry and far more comfortable. We only leave the house when it is absolutely necessary. And you know what? I kind of like it better that way.

This is what we do. I come over, usually after school. I sit on her bed with my computer while she has hers as well and we talk over top of them while the tv plays something usually dumb like Wipeout or World Dumbest, something we can laugh at periodically. Really, Kylie likes to put dumb stuff on tv because apparently I’m really amusing to watch watching TV when there’s stupid stuff going on. As I’m trying to figure out what exactly it is that I’m seeing and make sense of the complete and utter nonsense that is happening on the screen, Kylie is beside me laughing at the faces I make. This is the nature of our relationship.

Sometimes we do other things too. We make cookies when we feel like it. Sometimes I’ll play Kingdom Hearts and Kylie will laugh at me as I cuss at the screen and make dumb faces while trying to find a door that’s right in front of my face. Apparently I have an aversion to all doors in any type of video game. Just as Brelyn. We watch movies sometimes too. That can be interesting, depending on if we find something good or not.

When Sherlock came out in the UK naturally we had to watch that together and flail over its awesomeness. Seriously, if you haven’t seen it yet it is soooo good! Go watch it now! We had planned to have a Cumberbatch night and watch the last episode together, but the internet was against us. Is it sad that when the internet goes out we are at a complete loss for what to do? Yeah, that’s what I thought. But, in our defense, all of our plans revolved around watching movies on Netflix so it was understandable.

We had an awesome night this past weekend. You know what we did? We got ice cream and watched TV in Kylie’s room until we fell asleep. It was great. Seriously, it was awesome. We put the TV on and talked about Ireland and the stupid stuff I’m going to get into while I’m there and ate ice cream until we both just sort of passed out. IT was at that point that I decided I should probably go home. It’s a little bit sad when you’re with your best friend and you’re both falling asleep around 7 in the afternoon. Just a little. But I’m okay with that. A much fun as I’m sure going out and actually doing stuff is, I much prefer having a girls night in with my best friend. 

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