I Must be Psychic

18 Jan

I am beginning to believe that I am developing psychic powers. Why is that, you might ask? Well I keep dreaming things that happen. Has this ever happened to you? It didn’t used to happen to me. Mostly I just dreamed of dumb stuff, like Linkara sitting in my bedroom talking about comics or having a resistance army base on a swing set. But recently I’ve been dreaming things that are less funny and happen to come true, at least in part.

It started on Sunday morning after Brelyn texted me to inform me that we were going on a romantic adventure in Skyrim. After falling back asleep I dreamed an entire text conversation which included a random text from Courtney who had actually texted me, though I didn’t get her text until 1 that afternoon while we were eating lunch. :p Okay so that’s not so impressive, just a coincidence, right? Anyone could dream that they got a text at the exact moment a text was sent to them, right? Well how about this one.

Sunday night I dreamed that I was late for work. Keep in mind I’ve only had this job about a week and lucky for me, the people at the library are really nice. I was so late, in my dream that I had missed the entire first shift. I calmed myself in my half awake half sleep state where you know you’re dreaming with the fact that it was a dream and I had set my alarm so there was no way I was going to miss my shift. I woke up at 10. The time I’m supposed to be punching in. Yeah, I set my alarm but didn’t turn it on. Brilliant right? I was half an hour late for work; woke up at 10, got out the door about 10:10-ish, got stuck behind a train of cars and a dump truck going 35 on a 45mph road and got stuck at a red light that decided I didn’t really need to turn left. That’s all beside the point, though. The point is, obviously I’m gaining psychic powers.

Seriously, though, it’s kind of scary when you’re dreams start coming true. I didn’t talk about that way back when I did my first dream rant because it never happened to me before. My brother’s said that he had dreams where he broke a glass for instance and then did so the next day but it’s never happened to me before. What’s worse is the fact that I dreamed my own lateness which is not a good thing. I was dreaming of being late while I should have been getting ready thus making me late. As cool as having psychic powers would be I hope this goes away. I don’t want to dream about having a giant spider in my bathroom and have it come true. Though that dream about Linkara wouldn’t be so bad…

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