Welcome to 2012

05 Jan

Hey guys, remember when I used to get stuff up on a fairly regular basis? Yeah, me neither. Last year was a long time ago wasn’t it. :p But it’s the new year now and tis the time for resolutions and all that so I might as well give it another shot, right? My goal this year is to get up to 300 posts. My total is currently 206. Well, 207 now that this one is up, but who’s counting? I only got 89 posts in 2011 so I need to work on that I guess. This year is going to be special.

But before we get into that let’s talk about last year, shall we? WordPress was kind enough to send me a fancy summery of sorts of my past year. I was surprised by a lot of the information on it actually. Apparently I have readers in the UK and Brazil in numbers close to that of the readers I have in the US. I honestly didn’t expect to get readers outside of my own country but I suppose when I review a very popular British television series I’m kind of asking for it aren’t I? I also apparently have readers in Canada, Germany, Ecuador, Australia, Russia, the Philippines, and Nigeria, to name a few. How many exactly I don’t know but the fact that there are readers in different countries enjoying my ramblings is astounding to me. So to all of my readers everywhere, thank you. I also learned that my blog was viewed 2,600 times last year, which is pretty impressive as well. When I started I honestly didn’t think it would last this long or be this popular, even if it’s nothing compared to the truly popular sites out there. You guys are awesome.

You guys are also weird. Looking at the most viewed posts was a little ridiculous. Out of the top five the only ones that made much sense was The 10th Doctor and it’s at number five, and Welcome to Steelers Country at number two. Number one was Spring Break which was a short rant pretty much souly about how I did nothing over my first Spring Break in college. Number three was A Quick Apology, which wasn’t actually a rant just an explanation for why I hadn’t posted all week. Maybe this is telling me something; that the shorter posts are more popular. >.> But then Welcome to Steelers Country was pretty long, but also about sports. Yeah, you’re not getting more sports rants folks, sorry to disappoint. Anyway, number four, if you were wondering, was British Mind Control, which sprung from a very bizarre British sitcom. I watched it on Youtube and still got angry and stopped watching when they switched out the main character. Special, I believe is the appropriate word for me.

Anyway, that’s enough about 2011 let’s move on to 2012. First off I would like to assure you all that we are not going to die. I am pretty convinced that the apocalypse is not coming this year for the simple fact that everyone thinks it is. I would throw some scripture at you, “it’ll come like a thief in the night” and all that, but to make it simple no one knows when it’s going to happen, therefore if it is predicted to happen it probably won’t happen then. That’s my logic at least, I suppose there’s something to be said for dumb luck but in my mind God would hold off the coming judgment for a day just to make said “prophet” look silly. The day after, not so safe.

So if we’re not going to die, what is going to happen? Well I’ll tell you. Hopefully we’ll get a better president. I’m not going to go bashing on Obama mostly because I don’t care enough to follow what he’s actually doing. I just honestly don’t like him that much. Something about him rubs me the wrong way. Maybe it’s his face, I danno. I’m not looking forward to the political campaign ads that will be popping up any moment now but I suppose I’ll watch them, and finally register to vote so that I can actually have a say in who leads our country this time around. Someone should hold me to that, btw. Seriously I’ve been putting it off since I turned 18. But I did say in the beginning there’d be none of that nonsense here, so let’s move on.

I am going to Ireland~ For Spring Break this year Geneva is taking a group of students to Ireland for ten days for Humanities credit and I’m in that group! My friends Dakota and Jess and I will be studying Irish history and culture all semester and then packing our bags and flying across the sea to the Emerald Isles to wander around Dublin for a couple days, see the Book of Kells, visit some Monostaries and Castles and do some missions work while we’re at it, all while listening to amazing Irish accents that we probably won’t be able to understand. It’s going to be AWESOME! I will have my computer with me so hopefully between exploring Ireland and passing out at night from excitement I’ll be able to keep you guys updated on what I’m doing and how the trip is going. We’ll see. I’m super nervous, though, seeing as I’ve never flown farther than Florida before in my life and the thought of flying over an entire ocean is kind of scary. If we crash they will never find my body.

I am also working this semester. *GASP!* I know right? I’m working in the library as a cataloger, hiding away in the back with the books. It’ll be fabulous I’m sure. I’m up to five hours a week now, which is super and still gives me plenty of time to do stuffs this semester. Like studying, for once. >.< I really need to get on that, this past semester was not so hot for me and I need a 3.2 to keep my scholarship. I blame the cold that attacked me the last week of school. Anyway, I hope to get some more stuff up this year despite working and being awesome and all that. Here’s hoping this year is better than the last. Happy 2012 everyone! And good luck!

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