Amelia Pond

29 Oct

Amelia Pond; the girl who waited. Of all the companions she’s the only one to get a title. Amelia Pond was discovered by the Doctor when she was eight, left for twelve years, dragged into saving the world with him, left again for two more years before he finally managed to come back for her, taking her away on her wedding night. That’s the other unique thing about Amy; she’s the only properly married woman to travel with the Doctor this series. Sure some other companions get married later, but she keeps with him even after she’s married. She also happens to be married to Rory Williams who is better than Chuck Norris. Seriously, he’s awesome. But we’re not talking about him, just yet.

Amy Pond falls under the ‘spunky redhead’ category of the companions that makes up exactly half of our companion list. It’s not a very long list. She is very strong willed and will not take any crap from anyone, especially the Doctor. Being married and traveling with the Doctor does put some strain on the relationship, mostly when she talks vaguely to someone and it’s unclear who she is addressing, and or referring to. Still, as much as she loves the Doctor, she is completely in love with Rory and nothing in the universe, or beyond, for that matter, will change it. And believe me, their relationship has been tested in so many ways, they can handle anything.

Amy is probably only an okay companion in comparison to Rose or Donna as she’s not really as clever as either of them. She does, however, have this immense faith in the Doctor that nothing can shake, even when things look completely hopeless. She can take care of herself, too, which is good, considering all the trouble they get into in which she’s not with the Doctor. Still, sometimes it seems like she’s a bit clingy. She refers to him a lot as her imaginary friend, the “Raggedy Doctor” since he crash landed in her yard. I find it kind of funny, really, that she at one point forgets her own fiancé who was swallowed but a crack in the universe, but when the Doctor is erased from time/space she remembers him in a few hours and re-imagines him to bring him back. She can do that… for some reason. I think her believe is just that strong, or something. But I guess the Doctor is kind of super special like that anyway.

Of all the companions I think Amy might go through the most. Let’s see, she’s died, she’s been trapped in a box for two thousand years, she spent nine months living through a flesh avatar before giving birth to a baby girl who was stolen and turned into a weapon against the doctor. She’s watched her husband die, several times, been trapped in a hospital for some thirty years waiting for the doctor, was turned into a doll, and had to deal with the Doctor’s odd fashion sense for two whole seasons. That’s a lot to handle. She’s Scottish, though, so she can do it.

We have yet to see the last of Amelia Pond. Last we saw she was living happily and successfully with Rory, left by the Doctor to have their own ‘real’ life, one that was safely away from him. It looks like he might leave them alone for good, however, since when has he ever been able to do that? I’m just a little confused on when exactly it was that the end scene happened in the last episode with Amy and River, who we’ll also get to later, talking about the Doctor after his death, considering directly after his death they go back to 1969 with a younger version of the Doctor and thus, they really can’t say if he’s around or not, and he’ll really always be around in one form or another. That’s the funny thing about time travel. Anyway, I know we’ll at the very least see Amelia Pond in the coming Christmas special. There’s that to look forward to at least. 

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