Donna Noble

28 Oct

Donna Noble is probably easily my favorite Companion thus far. She is a very sassy, head strong, good hearted, and spunky. She is also the only companion not to fall madly in love with the Doctor. All she wants is some adventures, to travel all over. She’s also the only one to seek out the Doctor. They first meet in the Christmas special “The Runaway Bride” but rather than going with him right away, Donna decides to start small and when going to Egypt for two weeks isn’t enough for her she starts searching for the Doctor and somehow manages to find him. Not many people can say that.

Donna once more fits the typical companion outline. She’s spunky, adventurous, unattached to a career of any kind and is somewhat distant from her mother. While her family does get pulled in at least in part to the Doctor’s world and his troubles they aren’t stupid about it, especially her grandfather, who is one of the coolest old guys ever. Donna is a very loud, opinionated person but it grows on you. In “The Runaway Bride” she is rather annoying as she’s been pulled away from her wedding and is very confused and reacts rather poorly to the whole thing. Wouldn’t you? But she gets quite a bit better over the course of her season with the Doctor.

The big thing about Donna is the fact that she and the Doctor are purely friends. There are no secret feelings, no poorly hidden crushes, nothing but friendship. They’re interactions thus are so much more enjoyable as you don’t have to watch out for those little clues or try to ignore those gushy looks from afar. They balance each other out really well, Donna working to keep the Doctor down to earth and keep his head from swelling, as it has a tendency to do when one is as clever as he. Anyway, the two are much more fun together than some of the previous companions.

But of course it couldn’t last. Despite Donna’s professions that she will stay with the Doctor forever, that she’ll never go back, she is forced to sacrifice that at the end of season four. In fulfillment of an Ood prophesy of sorts Donna sort of merges with the Doctor’s DNA. While doing this ends up saving the world and destroying the Daleks, it also means that she is going to die. No human can survive having a Time Lord in their head. So the Doctor is forced to wipe her memory and is unable to see her for fear of her remembering. As long as she doesn’t remember, she will be safe. This is almost sadder than Rose’s locked in another dimension. Rose at least remembers him, she’s happy and she technically gets him in the end. Donna is thrown back into her normal life, stripped of all the amazing adventures she’d been through, completely forgets the Doctor and while the Doctor can still see her he can’t go near her, can’t speak to her, can’t interfere with her life for fear of her remembering. He has to make himself move on for her safety.

As a small side note, Donna Noble happens to be my 200th post. Exciting? Maybe a little. If it had to be someone I’m glad it was her. I thought about breaking the series to do something special buuut meh, not worth it. Maybe I’ll do a little something after I’m done with the Doctor Who series and get back to normal ranting. One more Companion to go, the temps and then the villains and we’ll be done!

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