Rose Tyler

26 Oct

Rose is our gateway companion and the only one of the new season who has any claim to the doctor whatsoever. She’s a clever blond who gets quite a kick out of traveling through time and seeing new planets. She and the doctor are a brilliant match both as Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant. Rose happens to be the only Companion to transcend Doctors. Seeing as there are only three Doctors and four Companions that’s not too hard, I guess. Nevertheless she is special in this way and handles the switch pretty well.

Rose Tyler is of the best kind of companion material, the kind that has nothing going on in her life. No aspirations, just looking for adventure. This, I think, is what attracts the Doctor to her and this is the correct reason for her to go with him. Rose works in a shop that is blown up by the Doctor to kill some living plastic in the first episode and there’s no going back from there. Despite her mother’s misgivings, which all mothers have, she goes off with the Doctor, leaving it all behind.

Rose is also the only companion of the series to properly fall in love with the Doctor. She loves him but also realizes how impossible that is and doesn’t push it. It’s this well played sort of understanding between the two that there is something there, but it can never be. It’s not terribly overt, it’s not even huge in her character personality; it’s just this soft undertone that gives their relationship another level.

Rose is with the doctor for two seasons, one with Christopher and one with David. This is one of the special things about Rose that adds to her proper claim on The Doctor. She has to learn to love him as he is and she does. It takes her a while, naturally to get used to his new form, but she accepts him for what he is and she can prove it. She is the only one who has actually seen him change and been with through it, this series at least. She’s a great first companion.

But, all companions must go at some point and Rose Tyler, as special as she is, is no exception. Luckily, however, they don’t kill her off. Rather she is locked away in an alternate dimension with her father from that dimension and her mother from ours and Mickey, who we’ll get to later. This is a far more tragic fate that her walking away, or dying or something. All the good ones would have stayed forever if they could. As if being forever separated wasn’t heart wrenching enough, they throw in a little bit at the end of the season for their real good bye during which David Tennant almost says those words we’ve been waiting to hear him confess all season. Can’t have that, however, and seeing David Tennant shed a single tear as the connection is lost and his words remain unspoken even to himself, is absolutely heartbreaking.

Don’t feel too bad, though. Rose comes back for a bit towards the end of David Tennant’s reign and helps out once more. However, she is put back for good this time in the other dimension and left with a rather handy human copy of the Doctor which I will not explain since that would take forever.  The point is, that Rose gets her happy ending after all, though, of course, the Doctor has to move on without her. I didn’t like this ending as much as her last one. She ultimately picks the human Doctor over the real one as the human Doctor has to stay there anyway, having killed off the Daleks and thus being unfit for the universe or something. This goes back to David Tennant’s extreme pacifism and how he doesn’t like killing anything. Anyway, he does push it a bit and that’s what he wants but she just accepts the copy so quickly, it’s a little botherish. Still, over all Rose was a great way to help us along with getting to know the Doctor and his world.

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