The 11th Doctor

21 Oct

Doctor # 11 – Matt Smith

Matt Smith is most highly debated Doctor of the three. I guess it comes from following David Tennant but fans either love him or hate him, there’s very little middle ground. Many fans have the feelings that they just downgraded drastically from the classically trained David Tennant to the near amature Matt Smith, but my feelings are a little different. Sure he’s not as suave and charming as David Tennant and his acting is very different but he’s still able to capture that Doctor feel while bringing his own twists to the character and that’s what counts.

Matt Smith is a very childish form of The Doctor. He is fickle and creative and incredibly vain at times. He has a new crew and despite putting his new companions in danger he is less conscious of it, as if he’s learning the lesson all over again. He has a very Peter Pan-esc view on life, the ‘never grow up’ theme is very prominent. His relationship with his companion is much like that of a friend you’ve grown up with and treat more like a little sister than a friend, which is refreshing after David Tennant’s romantic drama.

Matt Smith’s thing is clothes. Very early on he decides that bow ties are cool (which they are) and won’t be persuaded otherwise. He essentially steals his clothes in the first of his episodes and he just sort of keeps them. Throughout the seasons he collects other things that he sort of adopts as ‘cool’ though it’s very clear that they are not. Such as the fez at the end of season five which is promptly shot off his head by River, who we’ll get to later. Luckily for the rest of them he never gets a new one, though professing that he would like one often. His most recent adoption; Stetsons. Stetsons are cool.

I feel this might be one of the reasons that Matt Smith has such diverse ratings. He is essentially a whole new doctor. He’s not connected to the old doctor by anything but memories and allusions. For those who are just jumping in, this is good. For those long time fans who were very attached to the old Doctor this is somewhat less good, especially for those who don’t want to let go. David Tennant and Matt Smith are completely different Doctors but both very fun. Matt Smith is a blast to watch bounce around like a large child. While he seems to be lacking the maturity that he used to have its sort of an understandable regression after the events of the end of David Tennant and he still retains several of the key Doctor traits while completely reinventing him. He’s a bit more socially awkward in ways and yet completely brilliant in others. He has a sort of magnetic quality to him that attracts humans to him despite his bizarre mannerisms. And as ironic as it is, his new childlike form is the one who has to deal with the consequences of his past adventures and meddling in the affairs of other worlds. 

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