The 10th Doctor

20 Oct

Doctor #10 – David Tennant

Ah David Tennant~ The classically trained Shakespearean actor who dreamed of playing The Doctor. David Tennant is by far the most popular of the new Doctors and it isn’t hard to see why. He has such a fun way with words, even the simple ones. Being trained in Shakespeare helps, I suppose, which is funny, seeing as he gets to meet Shakespeare in the third season. David Tennant is brilliant from the moment he enters the series. His début in the first new Christmas special “The Christmas Invasion” is fabulous as he oh so casually loses his hand in battle and grows it back.

I think one of the main reasons David Tennant is so popular is his face. He has the most expressive face of the three new Doctors and it is fantastic. His range of emotions is amazing and beautiful and charming and brilliant. He is more of a sad Doctor than an angry one now; with a clearly professed dislike for guns in particular and violence in general. He has the most wonderful pouty face I have ever seen, too, which makes it all the better. He blames himself for the losses he’s suffered and as much as he tries to go it alone he always seems to get attached to someone else. On top of that everyone seems to fall in love with him. And who could blame them? It’s David Tennant! Still, that can be incredibly awkward when you are as oblivious as The Doctor, especially as he’s coming off of his Rose Tyler phase. Poor David Tennant.

Out of the three, thus far David Tennant has had the longest run as The Doctor, spanning three whole seasons and five specials. His is less of an adult than Christopher Eccleston and less of a child than Matt Smith. And thus we have a happy medium. His catch phrase is “Allons-y!” which is French for “let’s go!” So naturally, when he meets someone named Alonso he gets the biggest treat of his incarnation when he gets to say “Allons-y Alonso!” And it is glorious in all of its epicness. He’s a very wordy Doctor, but that’s his thing. Whether he’s butchering them, using big ones or making them up it’s one of the Doctor Who staples.

Christopher Eccleston’s end was a very rushed one, happening very fast at the end of the last episode in season one. David Tennant’s end came much slower, and he was warned it was coming. It was much more emotional this way. We had become attached to David and his fantastic portrayal of The Doctor and we didn’t want to see it end. On top of that, it wasn’t just an end to the David Tennant Doctor, it was the end of the saga. We wanted him say good bye to all the people whom he had touched in this form and make peace with what had happened in the past three seasons before being forced to move on. The fact that he was alone when it happened too adds to the tragedy of losing him as The Doctor. The universe itself mourned his passing as it “sang him to his sleep,” in the words of Ood Sigma.

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