The 9th Doctor

19 Oct

Doctor #9 – Christopher Eccleston

The man in the leather jacket, Christopher Eccleston plays the ninth regeneration of The Doctor in the first season of the revamped series. As starters go, he’s lovely, though no one would have complained had they started with David Tennant. While he is probably the least well known of the three current doctors he is the first and fabulous at what he does. He is a lovely mix of the quirkiness that is the doctor’s personality and the tragedy that is his life.

I personally really liked Christopher as The Doctor, maybe even better than Matt Smith, as blasphemous as that might be. The fact that he only got one season is rather sad, though for those catching up I’m sure it was hard to wait through that season to get to the most famous of the doctors. Still, Christopher gave us a brilliant performance and a good middle ground. With Christopher we got this wonderful sense that he does this every day, and has been doing it every day for several centuries. He took everything as it happened, moving right along at his own sort of on-the-go sort of speed. Unlike the two who follow him, Christopher Eccleston seems to almost try to be cheeky, which is just another quirk to his personality. He does cheeky things on purpose because he knows they’re clever. He also plays a very angry doctor. He is still reeling from the fall of Gallifrey and the loss of his people and dealing with being the only one and it shows. He is often clearly frustrated with being unable to save people who are beyond saving but also deeply saddened by when he is forced to put people in danger for his own sake or the sake of others. While some of the other doctors are rather opposed to violence he isn’t above inflicting a little pain and or destruction to get what he needs.

I’m a little sad that there isn’t a whole lot to be said about Christopher as he was only with us for one season, but it was a good season and he deserves all the love in the world for bringing The Doctor back to life. 

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One response to “The 9th Doctor

  1. Stormageddon Anker

    October 19, 2011 at 4:12 pm

    I really loved him. A lot.


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