Places to Go

08 Oct

I am always going and you know what? It’s driving me crazy! I’m tired, I just want to stop for a little while and rest. I honestly can’t remember the last day I spent at home. This is what I get, I suppose, for going to college.

Every morning I’m at home I get up to an alarm. Sometimes, if I’m lucky I’ll wake up before the alarm and then I won’t have to deal with it but for the most part an alarm has to be set so that I can be sure I won’t sleep in until noon, which would be lovely, btw. I wake up, and depending on the day, I have an hour to half an hour to get ready to go. So I wander around the internet, doing my normal morning things before I start actually getting ready. It only takes me ten minutes, maybe fifteen to get my clothes on, my stuff together, and my coffee mixed. However, this means I can’t do much with my hair anymore. I would think about getting up earlier to do something with my hair… but that isn’t even remotely possible. Believe me, I’ve tried. Restatement; it’s not possible on days not beginning with ‘T’ or ‘S’.

For the past few weeks, pretty much ever since I started school I’ve been going somewhere. Saturdays have gone from being free days to that day when all of my plans converge so that I have very little time to do anything at all. Last Saturday I had three plans which got whittled down to two plans which quickly got rained out to one plan. The week before that I wasn’t even home for three days. I slept over at Danielle’s and that at Kylie’s and didn’t get back home till late Saturday. The week before that was much the same, swing dancing on Friday, slept over at Kylie’s, went to the Ren. Fair. The weekend before that was the Irish Festival, the weekend before that back at Kylie’s. And I can’t even remember the weekend before that. Are you seeing a pattern here? I need to stop going to Festivals!

But there is hope on the way. You know what it is? I’ll give you a hint~ It’s Fall Break! Fall Break started yesterday and I fully intend to spend one day, at least, sleeping in forever. Seriously, I miss the sleeping in until I can’t sleep anymore. Not worrying about what time it is, or where I have to be, or what I have to do before I leave the house. It will be glorious!~

In all honesty, though, I really don’t know what happened. I never used to go anywhere, but now every Saturday I’m going somewhere or staying somewhere and it’s rather disconcerting. Is this what it’s like to have a life? That a very odd feeling. I’ve never had one of those before. I wish it would go back where it came from. 

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Posted by on October 8, 2011 in Rants


One response to “Places to Go

  1. nymphsofthewateryrealm

    October 13, 2011 at 11:31 pm

    When I was commuting to community college I felt the same exact way!!! Now I don’t feel like I’m going as many places, but i still am very busy with different homework projects and papers and meeting friends for movies or study groups or meals or time at the gymn. Life is very crazy sometimes.
    SInce my sister’s wedding fell over Fall break, I was pretty busy Friday and Saturday and awake til the wee hours of the night. So on Sunday I slept til six in the afternoon with only brief periods of waking. It was amazing 🙂 I had such a relaxing break and I feel like I am now ready to conquer the weeks between now and Thanksgiving. I hope you can find some free time to chill and enjoy the Fall!


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