A Taste of Campus Life

26 Sep

When it rains it pours, apparently. Not two days after my first car accident my mother ran into the back tire of a magically appearing school bus. So with two and a half cars left to us I had to find another way of getting to school for the rest of the week. One thing I will say for Geneva, it’s given me some pretty awesome friends. I was lucky enough to be able to stay with my friend Danielle for three days so that my parents didn’t have to drive me back and forth from school every day. And thus I was given my first taste of real campus life.

It’s much more convenient to be on campus when random things are going on. Usually on Thursdays I go home for lunch and stay there to study for whatever Friday tests I happen to have. Since I didn’t go home on Thursday Danielle and I went on an adventure. Unlike the adventures I had my senior year which mainly consisted of getting lost, or cars breaking down in the middle of thunderstorms or other such uncomfortable shenanigans, this adventure was quite pleasant. We walked down to a park near campus and took ridiculously random pictures and played on the exercise things they had off to the side. Neither of us did very well on them and as a result I was sore for three days after, but it was fun nonetheless. We then walked seventeen blocks down to a book and game store that wasn’t open, much to my disappointment, and then seventeen blocks back for a total of 34 blocks and 2.8 miles or something like that. And left my parasol at home. Lunch and a lovely nap padded out the rest of the day until the evening when studying finally caught up to me.

Friday was spent with Kylie playing Kingdom Hearts and watching Ghost Adventures, as per usual. The new season started so we are both rather pleased, though Zak’s new eye wear is less than pleasing. We were really hoping it would go away. I’m just waiting for him to break them while running into something in the dark. You know it’s going to happen.

Saturday was spent here and there and everywhere. Some at Kylie’s some at the mall with Courtney and then at home doing nothing was supposed to. Spontaneous movie nights are always bizarre. I’m pretty sure I left my Chinese out too long before putting it in the fridge too. As long as Nii-chan doesn’t try to eat it I think it’ll be okay.

I’ve been really tired lately and I’m not sure if it’s from lack of coffee or lack of sleep or both. I think I need a free weekend where I can just sleep all day and night and then maybe I’ll be caught up. I know you never actually get caught up on sleep but I can try! I keep thinking I might have something this Saturday but seeing as I can’t remember what it was for now I am designating it my sleeping day and pretending I’ll get to sleep in, despite whatever I may or may not have going on that day.

There’s no word on my car yet, and no word on a certain cardigan I may have left inside him. Both are making me rather sad. I really like that cardigan. I kind of want it back. But tomorrow we’ll find out I guess. Or sometime this week. Dad’s taking the next few days off so we can see about what to do with the whole thing. Since there hasn’t been any more talk of finding a new car for me, or at least not when I’m around, I am remaining hopeful that with a little tweaking here and there Grani will be okay. As silly as it might sound, even if I have a new car I hope we can at the very least sell him to someone who will fix him up properly so he can have more adventures. He doesn’t deserve to go out like this. My greatest fear is selling him for parts or to the junk yard or something. That would truly break my heart.

So that was my week. Sour beginning, fairly good middle and a very very special end, which I can’t really talk about without beating my head against the table so we’re not going there. Kylie knows what I’m talking about. Maybe, if I’m lucky, I’ll more time to rant this week. I’ll try my best to see you all before next week. 

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