19 Sep

Well guys, it’s happened again. I have once again, survived another year of life, though only just barely. You may recall last year’s rant on how birthdays are elevated, held above all other days, expected to be these amazing, wonderful days, and then you get there and you realize they are just like any other day. Well, that has not changed. And, as seems to be the way of it, things tend to get worse around the celebrated day of birth.

I survived my first car accident yesterday. My first driving accident, to be specific. There was that one time when I was four that our station wagon flipped over on an icy patch. Don’t ask, I don’t remember how it happened, but that was the last time I was in an accident until yesterday. I just got this awesome, quirky, 17-year-old car that I was absolutely in love with. I had him for a grand total of one week and two-and-a-half days. He survived seventeen years and I wrecked him after a week and two-and-a-half days. I don’t even know if he’s going to be okay or not yet. We’ll find out today I guess.

I suppose you’re all wondering what happened. At least, those of you who don’t go to the café are. It went like this. I saw a green light where there wasn’t one and a turning car hit me and drove away. That’s how it happened. I didn’t even see the car coming. I didn’t know the light was red, I missed the whole thing until I heard my name, felt the car hit and then fought to keep from swerving all over and stop off the road as much as I could. My baby sister was in the seat next to me, Kylie was in the back passenger and they were both okay. I honestly don’t know what I would have done if Kylie hadn’t been there to keep me calm. I was badly shaken, but unscathed beyond that. Luckily my family was nearby as well. We had been going out to lunch for my birthday, as is our tradition.

So once more I don’t know how I am getting to school for now. Mom will take me to school today and Kylie’s parents will bring me home after I spend the afternoon at their house. I will be doing my best just to get through the day, to be completely honest. The best place for me to be is with Kylie, seeing as she knows exactly how to make me feel better. It’s been my experience that birthdays spent with your best friend tend to be the best birthdays. Hopefully that will hold true.

It’s just been kind of a hard week all around. Maybe this up coming week will be a little easier on me. Pray for me if you can. I have a feeling I’m really going to need it.

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