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16 Sep

When I was little I loved getting mail. And let’s face it; who doesn’t? There’s something special about opening the mail box and finding an envelope addressed with your name in a friend’s handwriting. Can you honestly think of anything more thrilling? To know that someone sat down and took the time to write out a letter to you, rather than typing out an e-mail or popping up a facebook message could put a smile on anyone’s face.

When I was in fourth/fifth grade I had a friend, who I still consider to be one of the best friends I ever had. I don’t talk to her anymore, save for the odd Wal-mart meeting, but the sentiment remains the same. Over the summer between grades four and five we started exchanging letters. You might think in this day and age, even way back in 2002 for two people who live ten minutes apart and have access to a phone to exchange letters is somewhat silly, but we loved it. It was more of a novelty than anything else; the excitement of receiving a letting, sitting down to write out a response and see it put safely in the mail box to be received two days later by the other person.  It was all in fun, even after we started school again and saw each other every day.

Then of course the internet took over everything, e-mails replaced letter and instant messages replaced e-mails and so on. Technology progresses and makes the old ways obsolete. But you know what? I still really like letters. I still like getting mail in general. I always get excited when there’s something for me in the mail. Applying to Geneva was thrilling with all the stuff they sent me, though after getting the fiftieth generic ‘congratulations/welcome to Geneva’ letter the novelty of receiving things from them wore off.

Now that I’m at a real college and have my very own mail box and everything the receiving mail experience has slightly changed. It’s a little like receiving all junk mail at home, I guess, or waiting for something important. I don’t get letters in my box at school seeing as I still live at home and no one has any reason to send me anything there, though if they wanted to surprise me they certainly could. Mostly I just get stuff from Geneva and tests/papers back from my professors. Still it’s a little thrilling to see something curled up in my little mail slot waiting for me to open and read it. It’s nice too to get a copy of the news paper now and then. It makes me feel very adult, though, as you all know, I’m totally still a child. >.> I like having my own little key, too. But that’s a rant for another day.

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