Oh Summer

26 Jul


Hi guys. Long time, no see. I wish I had a good excuse for being absent for two weeks without posting anything at all, buuuuut I really don’t. I am going to go for probably the lowest excuse possible and blame it on the summer. Yes, I am blaming the season for my lack of creative writing and ranting and general laziness.

It’s really hot. I realize this is not excuse but it’s true. It’s been really hot lately and I don’t like it. I’m really more of a cold person. I hate being cold, I tend to run cold when everyone else is hot but here’s the thing. I like to bundle up. That’s why I like cold weather more than hot weather. I like to be warm through layers and layers of fabric. There’s really only so much clothing you can take off before it becomes socially unacceptable. I can wear as much clothing as I want an no one will say anything.

This summer has been kind of weird for me. I’ve actually spent more time out of the house than I have inside it. This is extremely strange for me considering I usually spend days hiding away in my room without coming out for anything when I don’t have school. I haven’t been home for more than two days straight without going somewhere, doing something, or seeing friends. Theoretically this isn’t a bad thing; it’s just a strange thing. Is anyone else familiar with the perpetual weekend? When I was younger summer always felt like one big long weekend. It wasn’t unusual for me to completely forget what day it was because I had no reason to keep track of the days. Tuesday felt exactly the same as Friday or Saturday, the only day that felt any different was Sunday because I had church. I don’t get to lose track of time like that anymore. It’s kind of sad, really, but I actually have plans half the time that I need to keep track of.

This summer is just kind of bleh. It’s longer than I’m used to, since school let out in May rather than June and is still starting at the end of August. Most people would be happy to have a longer summer, I think, but for me it’s just kind of dull. I’m not really looking forward to Geneva. All of the excitement has been sucked out with all the problems they’ve been giving me. At the same time I want something to do. I’m bored out of my mind and yet I have no motivation to do anything. I think sometimes that maybe I’ll do something but I never get around to it. It’s kind of sucky.

That’s the thing about summers. All school year you look forward to it, thinking ‘I’ll have so much time to get stuff done’ then when it finally gets here you don’t actually want to do anything. It’s terrible really. I think I’m more productive when I have no time to waist than when I have all the time in the world. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I stay up until 3 and wake up around noon. That might contribute to the lack of wanting to do anything. By the time I wake up the day is half gone already. I did really well with that this summer too. I was going to be around midnight until mid July and getting up around nine. I’m not entirely sure what happened. >.> At any rate, that’s how it goes. Once school starts I’ll have to get up around six thirty to get ready. This may not sound unfamiliar to some of you but I haven’t had to get up at six thirty since I was a freshman. That mixed with the Critical Reading class I have to take it will be exactly like going back to high school.

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