Tags, You’re It

07 Jul


This is something that has been driving me crazy. Tags. Tags tags everywhere! Seriously, who thought they were a good idea? I can understand the function of tags, but they are really really annoying. Both the tags in shirts and store tags on clothing are always causing trouble.

Okay, so tags were traditionally, or as long as I can remember, put on the back inside of the shirt/pants or whatever, right? But then you have those tags that like to stick up and wave at people, making you look dumb as you walk down the street. So you cut them off, then those little bits of tag that you can never cut quite short enough bother your neck and there’s nothing you can do about it. There is no winning here. Somewhere someone got this brilliant idea, though. Why don’t we print on the inside of the shirt the logo or whatever was on the first tag and move the washing information tag down to the bottom of the shirt where no one will see it ever! Brilliant! Except now whenever I wash my shirts I have to go in search of the tag first. >.< They always find a way to spite me.

Then there are tags on skirts that really should be helpful, but really aren’t. Either you can’t figure out where the tag is supposed to go or it keeps shifting around and jabbing you all over. I have one skirt that I’m still not sure if it’s supposed to zip up the side or zip up the back. The pattern doesn’t indicate either and the tag is on the zipper so it’s no help at all, but either way it’s poking me. Then there are skirts that don’t really matter which way you put them on because they look the same all the way around. The seams are well hidden so no one can tell if you’re wearing the skirt backwards or sideways but you know. You always know because no matter what, you have that tag either poking you here and there or sticking up and giving you away.

Now we get to the store tags. They are just as malevolent as their in clothes counterparts. Why do you think whoever puts the tags on feel the need to put like three tags on one shirt? Couldn’t they fit all the information on one tag? It’s terribly bothersome when you have to cut off the sales tag along with another tag that does nothing but tell you the brand name twice. Couldn’t they have put the price and the brand name on the same tag? It has two sides, it wouldn’t be that difficult. And then there are those tags that like to hide away inside the shirt when you’re trying to see how much it is. You can search all over and not see the bloody thing and you know why? It’s probably attached to the tag! A tag on a tag! No, we’re not making that joke.

Then of course you have to remember to take tags off when you get home because if you don’t, you won’t remember when you go to put it on and then you’ll walk out of the house with the tag still chilling there on your shirt informing everyone that you’re too forgetful to take it off. T_T My family likes to tease me whenever I forget about a tag, or fail to notice it’s still there. Apparently some celebrity of some kind back in the day used to keep the tags on purpose. I don’t remember her name, but whenever I forget to take a tag of she comes out to taunt me.

And finally you have the plastic things that connect the tag to the shirt. You have to cut these off but since they’re plastic they like to shoot off when you cut them and land somewhere for you to step on later. They also like to stick in your shirt to poke you when you least expect it and leave tiny little holes in your clothing. Conclusion: tags are evil in every way. We should do away with them completely.

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