Can All Flowers Talk?

30 Jun


Flowers are always there. You don’t really think about them much, but you’ll notice that you can’t get away from them. They grow on the side of the road, in gardens, on trees. You find them inside buildings on walls, in vases, stitched into curtains, sewn on clothing. They are absolutely everywhere, both physically present and mentally. Do I sound pretentious enough for you yet? Good. Let’s move on.

I like flowers. Maybe it’s that girly instinct thing kicking in, but I like flowers and I always have. No real reason behind it, I just do. I don’t know all that much about them, names, how or where they grow or any of that, but they’re pretty and they smell nice. Growing up my favorite flower was always the rose. There is actually a reason behind that one. My mom dubbed me her ‘rose bud’ after I was born due to a personal story best told by her. I grew up getting roses on my birthday and rose themed gifts from my mother. It’s become very precious to me and growing up, naturally, it was my favorite flower as it was the only one with any real meaning to me.

Currently, however, my favorite flower is Dicentra Spectabilis, or bleeding heart. I realize how incredibly emo that sounds but I don’t really care. I discovered it when we moved into the new house, around the same time I was having my teen crisis. Don’t give me that look, I know you had one too. Anyway, it didn’t fully take over as my favorite flower until after that was all over anyway. I don’t know that I can explain the attraction, but it just seems to fit with me. It’s almost funny that they’re called bleeding hearts since the drop at the bottom is white. Is that the color of flower blood?

There seem to be a lot of people out there who are of the opinion that giving flowers is not romantic because they are dying plants essentially. These people probably have never received flowers before. The idea is, according to said people, that by giving flowers you are symbolizing a dying relationship, beautiful now, but slowly wilting and withering away. That may be a valid interpretation but again we’re going to go back to the ‘look pretty and smell nice’ aspect of flowers. They look pretty and they smell nice and that’s all that matters. It’s simply a nice gesture of romantic interest.

Still, flowers should mean something. They’re not really the sort of gift you give just to give it. Flowers should say something; I missed you when you’ve been away from someone, congratulations when someone has achieved something, get well soon, when someone is sick, I’m sorry when you’ve messed up and so on. On that note, I find it funny that while most girls got flowers upon graduating high school I got a dragon. Not kidding, actually, my sister got me a dragon for graduation. My mother got me a willow tree figurine holding a heart. Half expected roses, but I like willow tree figurines so I’m not complaining. There’s a story behind them, too, but we’re not telling that one today.

At this very moment I have a vase full of purple daisies sitting on my dresser. Why, you might ask? Because my boyfriend is cute and likes to give me flowers. Now, given what I just said, theoretically I should be protesting the random giving of flowers for no reason. But I can’t honestly say that I dislike getting flowers randomly for no reason. I find it to be incredibly cute. I still believe they should mean something in order to be given… but what girl can say no to pretty flowers from a cute boy?

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