27 Jun


This week I was helping out with Sunzone Day Camp at my church. Or I was supposed to be. I ended up only really helping three days due to weather and being a girl. I also wasn’t really needed for half of the classes I was supposed to be helping with. On the bright side, I got to make fun feather crafts.  I am surprisingly fond of feather crafts.

Other than Sunzone I did practically nothing this week, which was a refreshing change from the running around everywhere that usually happens to me. My baby sister left for Europe on Tuesday, leaving the house unusually quiet. She’s coming home on Wednesday, which is pretty exciting. She should have lots of fancy pictures and souvenirs. And I’ll have someone to molest once more.

Friday was spent eating Hot Dog Shoppe with Jesse and some friends and then watching Ghost Adventures until midnight with Kylie. This is how all Fridays should go. We are concerned, however that this new Paranormal Challenge show is going to take over our Friday night Ghost Adventures. Then we’ll have to move it to Saturday and that’s not nearly as fun.

Sunday held adventures as I went to Courtney’s church for the first time to see how it was. I got to meet some new peoples and the members of the church were all very friendly. With Geneva and the lack of constant transportation switching churches will be kind of hard. Still, I hope to go back again at least every so often, if only to hang with Courtney. After that adventure I went home for half an hour and then made my way to The Fountainhead Café as usual for Japanese lessons and to hang out with Jesse. He got me a very large, very fat stuffed panda. It made my day. Names are still under consideration. I am also tempted to make him a little hat.

Kylie and I were going to play Lord of the Rings board games after Japanese lessons but we were distracted by Betrayal on the House on the Hill. After one game of that Kylie went off for her first driving lesson and we entered a second game which was a mistake. Long game is long and after one game, it’s not quite as exciting. Apparently everyone else had fun though. Kylie and I went outside for girly talk time. Plots were made. After a rather long night at the café I went to Walmart, got some yarn and went home. Today brings Fallout, Kylie and probably some cleaning… yeah, I should probably clean.

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