Never Trust a Weatherman

19 May

I have come to the conclusion that any source of weather information should not be trusted. They lie to me all the time. On several occasions I have been promised sunny days only to be met with thunderstorms. I hate thunderstorms. Seriously, though, how accurate are they really? How can anyone trust them?

For a while I made a habit of checking the weather every day before I got dressed for school. This only really led to confusion and frustration as I was never truly prepared for the day’s weather with or without checking. The weather channel would say mostly cloudy with a chance of rain so I would leave my parasol at home. What would I get? Mostly sunny, no rain, parasolless Farkas. This is not a good combination. I’m extremely fare skinned and while going out in the sun won’t kill me I would much rather have something to keep the sun off me as much as possible.

I currently have two sites that I check; the weather channel’s website and KDKA which is my local news site. The thing about checking two different sources is you never know which one will be more accurate or if they’ll both be completely wrong. Usually they disagree with each other about everything, the high, the cloud cover, the precipitation, everything. It’s annoying as hell but I do it anyway. Why? Because I’m a masochist; you should know that by now. Seriously though, one will tell me it’s going to be warm and sunny, the other will say it’s going to storm. Who do I believe?

This was the problem that led to my first sunburn of the season this year. Both sources assured me it would be mostly cloudy the day of the Be-in and in the sixties. It was about the sixties, or it felt like it. I was caught completely off guard for a beautiful, cloudless, sunny day.  Perhaps they’re out to get me. They’re probably completely honest with everyone else, but for some reason they just like to screw with me. I really should be used to it by now, I suppose. The universe has been messing with me since the beginning of time (yes I’m really that old). But still, somehow the lengths it’s willing to go seem to surprise me. Someday I’ll learn.

So this week one site is telling me it’s going to be sunny for the next three days. The other site, of course, is telling me there will be scattered thunderstorms all weekend save for Saturday. I will just have to cross my fingers and hope that the first one is right. I have a date on Sunday and I would really hate to get rained on.

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Posted by on May 19, 2011 in Rants


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