The Spelling Curse

06 May

I don’t know if you guys have noticed yet or not but I can’t spell. Spell check is my best friend and without it I am completely lost. I can pronounce things just fine, but spelling will always be my curse. It’s kind of funny since my brother is a good speller but he has trouble pronouncing things.

Spelling has been my weak spot ever since I was very young. I remember being really excited one day in the fourth grade because I got a C on my spelling test. The best day of my public school life was the day I found out that I no longer had to take spelling as a subject. English, Social Studies, Science and Math and that was it. It wasn’t something I was really teased about until I made friends. Then they started making fun of me for my poor spelling. That sounds really backwards, doesn’t it? Yeah, that’s because it is. This is good, though, since their correcting me eventually led to me learning how to spell those troublesome words.

What drives me crazy are the words that have more than one spelling and words that are different by spelled the same. What nonsense is this? Why must the English language be so confusing? I’m learning Japanese currently and I think spelling those words is probably a lot easier. First off they use symbols so spelling probably won’t even matter once we really get into kanji, though I’m not there yet so I don’t know. Their language is so much more conducive to spelling too, though. They don’t have those silly sounds made up of like three different letters. Each vowel makes on sound and that’s it. If you find two vowels together they each make their own sounds regardless of the combination. Sure, they get blended a little but their sounds are still their own.

Names are hard too, since they come from all over. Some rules that apply to English names don’t apply to German or French names and so on. And again, there are like fifty two ways of spelling them. I can think of at least four different spellings for Rebekah so I always have to spell it for people. Farkas too, you would think would be an easy one. You can pretty much sound it out, but noooooo. I’ve gotten Farkus, Farcas and Farkis before. That’s what I get for being Hungarian. What I find really funny is when people spell your name wrong on Facebook. Not just in general, either, like they were referring to you in a status or something and didn’t bother checking. I mean when they comment on a post you made or on your wall directly and they spell your name wrong even though it’s right there above the box and they have only to flick their eyes up less than half an inch to see the correct spelling. Specialness is special.

Sometimes I wonder if I had lived back in the day if things would be different. Would I have learned to spell better if I had to handwrite everything without spell check? And what did people do before spell check? Did they just look every word in question up in the dictionary? What if they were too lazy or in a hurry or something? I don’t think I could be taken seriously back then. I am completely lost without spell check.

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