So Close and yet So Far

02 May

The semester is almost over. I have one week full of finals left and then that one day next week. So naturally I’ve been working my butt off to get ready for finals… kind of. In reality I’ve been procrastinating like crazy and hoping everything works out. Well, it’s kind of been working. I got my paper finished at least. I have way too many internet sources but whatever. It’s just for Link and I’ve already gotten into Geneva so I don’t really care. My paper is finished and that’s all that matters.

I ate a lot of Cheeburger this past week. We went on Wednesday for the lunch special since my Aniki Andy had never been there before. I then went to Cheeburger again on Saturday because that’s where we always go when Courtney is home from school. Her semester is already over, so she’s home for the summer and in the same boat I am, looking for a job. I tried to get an application for an ice cream place but since they keep running out and apparently already hired a bunch of people for the summer I think it’s time to give up. Next on my list is K-mart, Giant Eagle, Home Depot, Target and Wendy’s. Yeah, this is going to take a while. I would rather not get a job up by the mall just because it’s so far to go and I don’t have a car yet, but if I can’t get something around here I guess that’s where I have to go. The only place I really don’t want to work at is McDonalds. I don’t really like their food and my friends have horror stories. I suppose you get horror stories anywhere you work, but especially there.

So finally, after a year and some months of promising, mom and I went to the mall and bought me a birthstone ring. I’m fairly excited about it since I do enjoy rings. It’s a really pretty ring to. We found it at JC Penny’s of all places. I really love that store. We looked at the regular jewelry stores but their rings weren’t really anything special. They were all plain or huge and it was kind of frustrating to look at them. I like smaller rings, but I would also like something that’s a little more unique than just a stone on some metal. The one I found has four diamonds, two on each side of the sapphire (my birthstone). Their shape reminds me of a ring my grandmother had that I got after she died. It was just an Avon ring but it was really pretty and I used to wear it all the time before it broke. So we bought it and it is currently being resized. A seven is way too big for my tiny fingers.

And that’s pretty much it. I’m really looking forward to summer break. Maybe I’ll actually be able to get a hold of Geneva and set up my schedule and whatnot. Here’s hoping this week goes by quickly.

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