Procrastination is an Art Form

27 Apr

Finals week is fast approaching and guess who isn’t ready? The Farkas, that’s who. She has this tiny thing called the procrastination bug and it’s being very bothersome. It causes her to do things that are not studying and researching for a stupid paper that she really needs to write and of course, it strikes just before finals week.

I have quite skillfully perfected the art of procrastination. I can have absolutely nothing to do but study and write and still find something else to occupy my attention for several hours. It not something just anyone can do. Seriously, you have to really work at it to be this good at putting off work.

It might help that I have mild ADD and am very easily distracted. It really doesn’t take much to get me off track, as you should all very well know. Anything shiny will do. If not shiny brightly colored will do, or musical or cute or purple or fuzzy or sharp or… you get the point? Pretty much anything will distract me. This is a problem as the interwebs are fully of shiny purple distractions and the like. It also has lots of prons for me to look at. And by prons I mean old writing that I completely forgot about and for whatever reason feel the need to reread even though it’s probably awful and will melt my brain. You know, the good stuff.

It’s really easy to blame my computer for my lack of focusing ability, but the truth is, even if I didn’t have a computer to distract me something else would. If I had nothing but books I would always drift towards the fantastic fantasy novel off to my right when I should be reading the huge text book in front of me. Or I would sneak outside to see the kittens, just for a minute, really, and two hours later I would still be cooing over Hanna. Or I would simply stare at the walls rather than reading what I was supposed to be reading. Seriously, I’ve done it before. It goes “Researchers have found that suicide… shoes… shoe? Where’s the other shoe? Did Erin take my shoe again? She probably did… where was I? Suicide, right. I wonder what the weather will be tomorrow. If it’s not too wet maybe I’ll wear flipflops… are my toenails okay? Maybe I should repaint them before I go showing them to the world. Curses I forgot to paint my finger nails. I could do that… no! Suicide!” rinse and repeat. If I’m lucky maybe I’ll get through a paragraph before the random thoughts kick in again.

I always say I work better under pressure but someone really ought to call me a liar. The fact is I don’t really work better under pressure, I just think I do because it gets to the point where I don’t have a choice anymore and I have to work on it whether I like it or not, therefore forcing me to do work without getting distracted. Funny how that works, actually. I justify my distractions by thinking I’ve got all this time and then when it comes down to the wire I use all that will power I’ve been storing up all week and finally force myself to do it. Perhaps I’m secretly from Dragon Ball Z and I just have to gather all this energy before I unleash my super awesome attack that will probably miss anyway.  

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