Spring Break

15 Mar

So this week was spring break. Fun, right? Traditionally college students are supposed to spend their spring breaks doing something awesome, right? They’re supposed to go to Florida or Mexico or somewhere warm to drink beer and flash random people and generally be complete idiots. Wouldn’t it be great if that really happened? I’m sure it does somewhere, just not here.

I spent my spring break in bed. That’s the best place to be, don’t you know? I’ve been playing some Just Dance, I went to visit my Sensei with my brother in the new car. I was supposed to see some friends through the week but that failed. I knit an entire scarf and went to a lovely party for my favorite Kim and did absolutely nothing that I was supposed to do. That’s what spring break is all about really’ doing absolutely nothing.

The highlight of my week was Kim’s party. It was the one thing I actually got to plan and go to that worked out better than I thought. It involved me spending the entire night chatting with my friend Bethany who recently moved back from Chicago. We kind of lost touch but it was really nice to get back together with her and really reconnect. I really missed that girl. Naturally a lot has changed but it was like no time had passed at all. You ever have one of those moments where you feel like you’ve gone back in time? It was kind of like that, but better. We’re planning a Princess Party, just for the excuse to dress in prom dresses and watch princess movies while drinking tea.

That was the extent of my spring break. Pretty exciting huh? Sorry this is coming to you on Tuesday. A combination of stupid teachers, pizza adventures, book club and D&D prevented me from finishing yesterday. At any rate, here you go.

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