Child’s Play Thing

09 Mar

You know what I miss? Toys. I like toys, the kind you played with as a kid. Those wooden and plastic figurines that you ran around with making ‘pew pew’ noises. The kind that had buttons to be pressed, that lit up for about the first three months you had it before the batteries died. Yeah, I miss those toys.

Dolls were my favorites. I loved dolls growing up. More baby dolls than Barbie dolls; I liked to play house. I named my favorite baby doll Dolores, since that was my middle name and I thought it to be significantly better than my first name… I have no idea why. I would run around with her wrapped up in my pink blankie, which I still happen to have. I was never a big stuffed animal person, though my sister was. She would often steal mine from under my bed.

What I really miss, though, are the little toys, things like jacks and yoyos and silly putty. You know those generic plastic things you would get as party favors and the like? Yeah, those are what I miss most. Do you ever get a craving to do something you haven’t done in forever? I really wanted to play jacks a while back, but I’m never sure where one would find them? Do they still sell them in toy stores? Are there ever toy stores around anymore? There are tons of movies with old fashioned toy stores in them, the ones with the kindly old toy maker who just enjoys spreading happiness to small children with his toys. That kind of place would never get off the ground in this day and age. It’s really sad, but kids don’t really play with toys anymore. Everything needs lights and music and tons of buttons to press. What happened to good old fashioned wooden trains? Or cars you had to push yourself? Nowadays everything moves on its own. Where’s the fun in that?

I got a yoyo for Christmas. It was kind of a disappointing yoyo at first because it wouldn’t work. The string was tied too loosely so it wouldn’t come back up. After leaving it forsaken on the floor for a couple of months I finally realized that I could probably tie a tighter loop without breaking the thing open. And I could! I played with it for about two days before it broke. Then I made my dad buy some super glue so that I could fix it. My yoyo is once more yo-yoing. This makes me very happy. My friends find in greatly amusing how amused I am with a simple little blue yoyo. I don’t get it, personally. What’s so funny about a person loving a yoyo? I’m not terribly good at it or anything, that’s true enough. I can make it go up and down and that’s about it. But still, it’s a simple pleasure that keeps me occupied. What could be wrong with that?

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