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07 Mar

So it seems that after everything decided to go horribly wrong for a week the next week decided to give me a break. This week wasn’t fantastic, but it wasn’t terrible either, so that’s an improvement. I got to read a fun book, tell a story in CV’s class, chill with some cool people and learn a little Japanese. All in all, not too bad.

We spent this week riding around with our friend Andrew who happens to live up the road from us. Lucky thing too since we had no other way of getting to school. We got super lucky this week, though, as my uncle’s friend just happened to be selling a 2002 Intrepid for $1,000, which means, I believe, that the insurance money from that douche bag a few years ago covered the new car. It’s a pretty nice car too; power windows and locks and a remote starter. It doesn’t have air conditioning, yet, but we’ve learned to live without that. It also doesn’t have a tape player which means the adapter thingy won’t work. So Brother will have to make some CDs to listen to in the car. That’s pretty easy for him it’s just a matter of choosing what to put on what CD.

It happens to be spring break, and you know what that means! I get to sleep in! And do pretty much nothing all week! And, oh yeah! My Courtney happens to be in town for one whole week! That’s pretty exciting right there. Now we just have to figure out what to do with ourselves during this time off. I would love to go back to LP for a day with a friend, rather than creeping on everyone by myself… however, Courtney doesn’t want to disturb them, so we might just… I danno, do something else? I can’t imagine what we would do, though. *sigh*

So after like a year of saying ‘we should get a Wii,” guess what we finally got? A Wii! Yeah, mom’s been saying we should get one for quite a while now. However, we never seemed to have the spare cash for it. Seems that changed recently and we finally got around to getting one alone with Just Dance; the first one, of course. My Sunday night was spent dancing away with my sister and mom. My sister has the most practice, having played it a few times before with my cousin Britt. I’ve played the game once before so I’m not too terrible at it. Mom is still trying to figure it out. She is, however, getting better. And that’s all that really counts. I think she hopes this will help us be more active and get in shape or something. I’m kind of afraid whatever fat might be left on my scrawny little body is going to melt away and then I’ll be left with just bones and skin and maybe the occasional muscle. Meh, we’ll see. The good news is, we can now watch Netfilx on the upstairs TV. c:

In other rather exciting news, we are now learning Japanese!~ I’m pretty pumped about it, especially since it’s in a cool, non-academic environment. It’s a small group of people who hang out at the Fountain Head Café who are really into Japanese culture, mostly consisting of anime. This is really exciting for me, since I’ve wanted to learn Japanese for good three or four years now. I tried to learn once from a tape type thing from the library and that kind of failed. I learned how to ask for coffee, though. That might be useful. I’m hoping to learn a bit more with a real teacher.

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