Welcome to Steelers Country

12 Feb

Welcome to Pittsburgh, home to years of innovation, the arts, cultural growth and, most importantly, the Steelers. Yes, when you think of Pittsburgh the first thing that comes to your mind is not the art history, the inventions or the firsts that reside in our fair city. It’s not the history, the steel mills, the rivers. When you think of Pittsburgh, the very first thing that comes to mind is the Steelers. That’s just the way things are here.

We are very proud of our sports teams here in the Pittsburgh area. The Penguins, the Pirates and the Steelers are all a huge part of the Pittsburgh subculture. But the Steelers are by far the biggest and most important part. They are our pride and joy. With six Super Bowl rings what’s not to be proud of? Pittsburgh fans are die-hard, no matter what kind of season our team is having; Steelers’ pride always shines through.

Now I know what you’re thinking; Farkas is a little writer. Why is she talking about foot ball? Because the Steelers were in the Super Bowl. That is the only reason I have ever and will ever watch foot ball. Unfortunately, even with these conditions I end up watching more foot ball than one would think. The only time I care about foot ball is when the Steelers play the Super Bowl. This past weekend I watched my third Super Bowl. Let me tell you, it does get old after a while.

I remember the first Steelers Super Bowl I watched, though not really when it was. I remember having a big party for it at a family friend’s house, dressing up in as much black and gold as I could find, including my dad’s old Steelers sweatshirt, and being genuinely excited about it. It was their fifth Super Bowl win, the “one for the thumb,” thus it was a big deal. I want to think I was in seventh grade at the time and was making an attempt to be interested in our home team, just because they were doing so well. I even bothered to learn some of the players’ names. That was exciting. It was new and we’d worked hard for it.

The second Super Bowl I watched out of politeness and a desire for food. There’s always good food at Super Bowl parties. But I must admit, it was probably the only game I actually really got into. It was a good game: exciting, well matched, and best of all, we won. This last Super Bowl was dumb.  If you’re a Steelers fan you know why. We sucked. We didn’t take the lead once, we botched several kicks and pretty much let them run all over us. That hasn’t happened in a while.

Now that we have the foot ball out of the way, let’s talk about the halftime show. It sucked too. Given, I don’t usually care about the halftime show. In fact I don’t even remember the last halftime shows I watched. But they couldn’t have been as bad as this. The singers looked as though they’d just walked out of Tron, the girl’s voice was awful, there were random people in light suits everywhere, and I’m pretty sure they usually let the audience down there for the show… but then again, what do I know? It wasn’t even dumb enough to be entertaining.

Honestly, I just don’t get the football hype. Not in schools, and not in the country. It’s pretty much just a huge testosterone competition. Who can run faster, hit harder, and throw farther. I realize that’s what every other sport is about to some degree, but foot ball seems to have it all. Perhaps that’s why it’s so popular? Meh, I give up. The Steelers will be in the Super Bowl again soon enough. I’ll try again then.

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