Don’t Dis the Blanky

03 Feb

It is always cold in Lincoln Park, especially in the library basement, where they stick all the Literary Arts kids. Don’t get me wrong, we love it down there. But when it’s colder inside the building than it is outside on a sunny January morning… well, don’t you think there’s something wrong with that? Even in the main building it was always cool, if not chilly. Fortunately, there is a cure: the blanket.

It took me a while to figure this out. Though, in my defense, I didn’t really have the option until my senior year. I knew of the practice of bringing a blanket to school for library use, but since we didn’t have many blankets suitable for carrying around school with me, I never really thought about the practice. I made up for it with hoodies, jackets, sweaters, and so on. It wasn’t quite enough. So senior year came and I thought what the heck? I’m leaving at the end of the year; why not carry around a blanket for once? I would have frozen without it. Not just in class but waiting for the bus as well.

At first I brought my old blue horse blanket. I made it back in probably third grade when I used to take sewing lessons from my Grandma Joan. It’s an old blanket, stained and sporting a blob of green nail polish thanks to my baby sister. Despite its rather grubby looks it is in fact clean. Just not really the thing you want to be seen wrapped up in while in school. Since my style was changing, and I really like purple, I figured it would probably be a good idea to get a purple blanket for school use. The original thought was that this thinner, softer, purple blanket would be smaller when folded, therefore easier to carry. And since I still had my blue blanket to sleep with, I could leave it with my bag and therefore be less likely to forget it. Didn’t work that way exactly, but that was the plan.

Then I started spending my days in the library chairs. When I didn’t have classes for one reason or another I would chill in the comfy chairs and if you’re chilling in a comfy chair you need a blanket to snuggle up in. It’s only natural. So I started bringing it with me all the time. And it turns out it is a lot easier to wear a blanket than to carry it around. So I started wearing my blanket wrapped around my shoulders. It became as much a part of me as my hat. Naturally I got a ton of weird looks running around in the summer with a blanket wrapped around me, but hey, it was still cold inside so the blanket was fully justified. It got to the point where my friends even told me that I should totally walk out on graduation day with the blanket wrapped around me. If I hadn’t been so nervous I might have done it.

Something like that you don’t just give up when you graduate. Walking from building to building is cold in the winter and the rooms are cold in the summer so once again, I carry my blanket with me with pride. I’ve gotten several comments on it. It’s been called a shawl, a wrap, a towel. But somehow I never get the question, why are you wearing a blanket? It’s always, “That wrap is really cute.” Or in one very special case, “Is that a towel?” Mhm, towel is definitely the more logical of the two. Personally, I see nothing wrong with carrying a blanket with me at all times. Blankets are, after all, a wonderful thing.

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