Huh, How About That

31 Jan

So as you may have noticed, my posts have sporadic and kind of crappy of late. That’s because college sucks. Meh, not so much that as I’ve just been really lazy and running out of rant topics. Seriously, if you have something I can rant about tell me. My favorite Kylie gave me a list, but I can always use more!

So the new semester started and I’m just about ready to bash my head off the desk every Monday and Wednesday morning. Why, you might ask? Well let me tell you. My Writ. Comp. teacher is a complete and utter imbecile.  We spent half an hour this morning being made to guess random statistics for anorexia, alcoholism and other such things. What did this have to do with writing? Or composition? Or anything? Absolutely nothing. Yeah, and he expects us to remember these pointless facts for tests and such. I will happily fail if the test has any of these facts on it. My time is much better spent reading Brent Week’s latest novel.

On that subject I must also complain that the man knows very little about good writing and good teaching. In short, he sucks. He gave us a matching packet of literary terms. Not only were they all extremely simple and words that I learned in ninth grade or earlier, two of the definitions were also incorrect. He also has a rather awful habit of insulting our intelligence every time he opens his mouth. I will probably end up walking out of his class at some point.

My other classes are perfectly acceptable and not much worth mentioning. I have CV again this semester for Western Civ. II, which pleases me to no end. In other news, Onii-sama and I should be starting up a D&D game with some people from the college on Wednesday… if we’re not snowed in. I’ll be playing a half-elf bard, as specially as that is. I’m hoping to get Snowflake War Dance. J It’ll be super special.

I finally got Onii-sama to a café I go to with my soul-mate, Kylie. A couple people from CCBC go there as well so we’ve decided to stop by there from time to time, which means I get to see my Kylie a lot more, as well as a few other pleasant peoples. It’s a very special place, really. The owner, John, is convinced Kylie and I are lesbians together because I “vagina bumped” Kylie the first time he met me. You apparently don’t forget something like that. He’s got a very dirty mind, but he’s a pretty cool guy and it’s a pretty cool place to hang out after class.

So that’s about it. My life is still as dull as it has ever been and I am rather okay with that, actually. I’ll try to get back to the update schedule and maybe even start in on some new Anime for reviewing. Wish me luck~

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