Room Redo

27 Jan

I was thinking about rooms last night. Weird thing to think about, I know, but it was one of those days. I remember when I was a kid and one of the shows on the Saturday mornings was Trading Spaces Boys vs. Girls. Do you remember that? I never watched the original Trading Spaces but this version was for kids, a team of two girls and a team of two boys would go into one of the other team’s rooms and completely redo it. They couldn’t peek at the other room at all and after a weekend of redoing the rooms they would switch back and get to see what had been done with it. They did a lot of really cool stuff, naturally, like a soccer room, a surfing room, a café room and so on. But there were two things that I always wondered about this show and other shows like it, such as Extreme Make-Over Home Edition. The first is what happens when they grow out of this room? And the second is what happens if they don’t like it?

The kids in Trading Spaces Boys vs. Girls couldn’t have been more than thirteen at the oldest. So these kids are decorating a thirteen-year-olds room in a way that will please that thirteen-year-old kid. So what happens when they have this big elaborate rainbow pony room and the girl enters her emo phase? In a lot of cases they build things into the walls to go with the theme of the room. What happens when the kid who loves surfing moves on to something else? Do you think they’re going to completely redo the whole room? Rip the surfboards shelves off the walls? This seems like a lot of work to please one phase of a child’s life. And what were their parents doing this whole time? What if the kids picked a theme for the room that the parents didn’t approve of? What if a girl was secretly really into vampire romances and they gave her a vampire romance room that her parents didn’t like? I especially question this in shows like Extreme Make-Over Home Edition where they’re making rooms for little kids. This goes beyond just redecorating a room and nailing stuff into the walls. These rooms are completely designed around this kid’s whims. So when Sally grows out of her pastel flowery phase and into her super tomboy phase, what are they going to do about the huge flowers build into her wall?

So what happens when they build this elaborate room to suit some phase they think the other kid is in but it turns out they were wrong? I want to think this happened on one episode of Trading Spaces Boys vs. Girls, but I can’t really remember it all that well. I want to think the boys painted something on the girl’s wall orange that she didn’t like. I don’t remember if it was the whole wall that was orange or just some polka dots or something, but she really didn’t like the color orange. I can’t remember what they did about it, though. But seriously, what would happen if they got it completely wrong? In that episode they only got one color wrong and the rest was okay, as far as I know. But what if they gave her a music room and she was more into literature? Or if they gave him a monster truck room and he was more into comic books? Yeah, they got kids who knew each other really well, but still, they’re just kids. Again, in Extreme Make-Over these guys only get to talk to the kids for like a day. It’s entirely possible that they could get the wrong impression and build an entire room around it. True, these kids tend to come from small or rundown homes and anything they do is going to be better than what they were sleeping in before, but still, what if?

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