Holiday Funs

27 Dec

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I hope all of you had a lovely holiday. As tends to happen when you get older, my Christmas has become routine. The lead up was filled with the cooking of Christmas cookies and decorating the tree. I managed to watch one or two Christmas specials while doing so. Christmas Eve came and we went to Church as always, a surprisingly simple service, but a good one, then it was off to a family friend’s house for the Christmas Eve party.

After opening our Christmas pajamas it was off to bed for me. I’m not sure how I feel about the fact that at nineteen years old I still have trouble sleeping on Christmas Eve. Christmas morning we opened presents at 8:30; I got several new hats, some clothes, Dragon Age Origins and a lovely purple ring. We then spent the rest of the morning and afternoon in our respective areas doing as we normally do. Actually, I spent the day watching MythBusters on Netfix. Around seven we headed off to my uncle’s house on my dad’s side for Christmas dinner.

Yesterday was spent at my aunt’s house on my mom’s side for their Christmas gathering. This was somewhat more entertaining as I had a Brittney to play with. Does that sound dirty? It should.  Anyway, we spent half the night playing Just Dance, Just Dance 2 and Just Dance for Kids. We’re just that special.

I guess I should take this time to address something that you may but probably aren’t wondering about. The top five anime reviews have been missing! Yes well, there’s a reason for that. After re-watching Gurren Lagann and starting Kuroshitsuji I decided that I only put Kuroshitsuji in the second place spot because of the manga and no the anime, which is unfair because the anime isn’t as good as the manga and I actually like Gurren Lagann better. SO I have decided to switch the two which means you have to wait until I get the Kuroshitsuji review up to see the Gurren Lagann review. And with all the festivities production has been very slow. Hopefully, though, I’ll have both up this week… hopefully.

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