Finals Week

13 Dec

Nothing terribly exciting to report, which is why I am reporting it. I have been studying and working on finals all week and most of the weekend and that’s about it. There’s been minimal excitement at my house outside the usual Christmas cookie making and holiday music nearly nonstop. I’ve been knitting like crazy trying to finish my quota of scarves. My Ravenclaw did enjoy her scarf which I gave to her for her birthday to buy me some time to think of a proper Christmas gift. I may just bake her cookies. Though then I would feel bad because she deserves something better.

I’m officially done with my psychology class. I have one more half class just because we’re required to meet on Tuesday and then I’m home free. My last English class is today and I have only one more essay to write then I’m done. My last math class is today as well. Tomorrow is my Western Civ. Final and then I’ll be not quite so done with that. Part one, complete part two… coming up. Luckily my brother will be taking the same course so I’ll have someone to study with. ^-^ If he’s feeling kind enough to study with me. >.> I’m ready for everything to end… except IT. I hate IT with a deep, burning, unending passion. I rather desperately want it to be over with but I don’t want to do the work. I’m not going to go to class though and will just finish it on my own… if I can muster the will to do so. The thing about IT is the teacher can watch you as you work and it’s incredibly unnerving. Especially since I just have a bunch of tests to do and I’m pretty much failing all of them and I don’t want him to see me failing. Have I mentioned that I hate IT?

I spent this weekend mainly watching movies. I went to Courtney’s house and watched V for Vendetta, I came home and watched Willow and then came home from church and watched Rent. That’s three movies in three days. Maybe I’ll review them all and then have back up reviews for those weeks when I didn’t watch anything. In other news, if you hadn’t already noticed I’m a little bit behind, as always, with my anime reviews. It’s been a crazy week and I haven’t had a whole lot of time. I did finish DN Angel and have been working on it. It should either be up later today or Tuesday. Hopefully I’ll be able to review Gurren Legann in time but it might be the longest of the five so we’ll just have to see. I’ll get it up as soon as it’s finished.

So other than chilling with my BFFs and studying for finals I’ve been up to absolutely nothing. Next week you’ll get to hear all about the alumni reading and perhaps a Martial Arts thingy with my Sensei. Until then~

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