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02 Dec

Guess what guys! It’s my 100th blog post!!~ Yup, after nearly four months of blogging I’ve reached that supper special 100th post. And since the beginning I’ve had something planned. This is my blog about blogging. I feel it needs to be done.

Blogging has been both exactly and nothing like I thought it would be. Make sense? Of course not! Blogging has taken up a lot of my time, but at the same time it’s become a very casual part of my daily routine. I hardly even think about it anymore. It’s just something I do at the end of each day before I go to bed, like brushing your teeth or checking your e-mail. But while it’s something I automatically do, it’s also something I have to put some time into. I have to set aside the time to blog and to think about what to blog about. I also, apparently have to think about what I’m saying when I blog.

When I started this blog, I had a small list of things I wanted to rant about. Now looking back, I really really should have thought the whole thing through a bit more. I figured since I had two or three rants backed up I’d be okay to use one and write one each day that way I could slack off a little every so often and still have a rant for that night. I was wrong. I like to slack off way too much for that to work and if I give myself the opening to slack off I will take it in a heartbeat, and I have. I should have thought of a better name for my blog too. A Daily Rant is both uncreative and impractical at the same time. I’m pretty much stuck now blogging every day because if I don’t then the title is lying and that makes me a bad person in my mind. Of course after I made it a dozen or so better titles came to mind such as ‘Story Time with Farkas’ but it doesn’t matter now, does it?

I’ve gotten to the point where when I meet new people and I talk about what I do it’s inevitable that the blog is going to come up one way or another. I’ve started cringing every time I tell someone knew, “I write a blog.” Why? I’m not entirely sure. I think blogs somehow got a reputation of being an outlet for angsty teenagers to whine about their lives to uninterested readers. Is that me? I don’t know. But somehow I feel just a little bit lamer when I tell people I’m a blogger. For those writers out there, did anyone ever tell you that if you really want to be discovered as a writer you should keep a blog? I don’t remember who told me that, when or why, but I want to think it happened. I’m not entirely sure how that’s supposed to help though. I mean I can’t imagine some publisher or editor or what have you surfing the web and coming across this blog and being like “Oh my God! She’s a genius! We should totally get her to write for us!” I feel the reaction would be more like, “Meh, it’s okay. Next!”

I’ve actually surprised myself. I didn’t expect this blog to last four months without me screwing up horribly. Keep in mind that I have screwed up, several times, but I’ve been keeping up pretty well thus far. I do, of course, feel bad about missing all of the Saturday updates and giving up on the fifth season of Digimon and completely throwing Kenshin to the wind, for now. But I’ve gotten over it and moved on, so I guess it’s not that bad. Seriously though, I’m rather proud of what I’ve managed to do.

Blogging, naturally, has some bad points too. It’s time consuming, it has taken away from my fiction writing and it has a tendency to drain my creative energy. I’ve tried to finish my novella several times now with little success, though I’m proud to announce that I’m almost done. Seriously, this time I really am almost done. I just have to wrap everything up and I’ll be good. But I digress… a lot actually. The point is, blogging is kind of exhausting, but, in all honesty, if I could make a living off of writing blog posts, I totally would.

Blogging had been my gateway into the genre of writing I avoided like the plague in high school. No, not poetry; nonfiction. That’s write, I didn’t do any nonfiction in all four of my years at LP. I skipped out on the Survey of Forms nonfiction at the end of my first year. I did one little itty bitty essay at the beginning of my second fiction workshop and wrote a radio article in Writing for the Radio and that was about the extent of my nonfiction experience. This probably sounds ridiculous to those who are in the department or know anything about the department. This is especially odd because my favorite teacher, Mr. LeRoy is really big on nonfiction. But I just never had a taste for it. Blogging has kind of opened me up to the scary realm of nonfiction. I’m not quite sure now why I was so afraid of it before.

So that’s my rant about blogging. Thank you to those who have stuck with me for 100 posts and four months of nonsense. Thanks for making me feel like I’m not just talking to myself. Special thanks to my lovely Kate who encouraged me to get started and is my number 1 reader. Everything that has happened here is all your fault. ❤

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