Only the Left Sock

01 Dec

Like all children I went through a number of phases growing up. One of my favorite phases was my sock phase. Yes I had a phase centered around socks. I really liked knee high socks for some reason and, naturally, begged to get some. But the knee-highs weren’t the strangest part of my sock phase. That has to go to the toe socks.

Let’s talk about socks for a little while. What do they do? Why do we wear them? Whether they’re to protect your feet from your shoes or your shoes from your feet I’m not entirely sure. When I was little I hated wearing socks. I don’t know why, but I did. So I didn’t wear them and it was honestly kind of gross. Did you know there are sock trends? There totally are. For instance when I was in elementary school everyone was wearing socks that covered their ankles. But by the time I got to sixth grade they’d moved on to socks that ended before the ankles.

Toe socks were also a trend, I think. You don’t see so many toe socks around anymore. I was really into them when they were big though. My sister got me a pair of knee high blue striped toe socks that I loved. The problem, of course, was I wore them until they had holes all through them and I couldn’t wear them anymore. That always happens with socks. I’m curious, though, what the point of toe socks were. They didn’t really keep your toes warmer than regular socks. You could wear them with flip flops but it still looked just as silly as with regular socks. They really didn’t have much of a function other than looking neat and feeling weird and being slightly more troublesome to get off.

I’m still very fond of knee-high socks, however. My mom got me a pair of angora wool knee-highs for Christmas last year and they’re pretty much my most favorite things every. They are so incredibly soft, even after being washed. The only thing about them is they like to leave fuzz balls everywhere, as does most of my stuff, so I’m okay with it. Still I love having knee-high socks on. I still own lots of ankle socks, but I find myself less and less fond of them as time goes on. They always seem to slip down on my foot inside my shoe, creasing in just the wrong place so that it bothers my foot or toes. Don’t you hate that? I can’t stand it. And then I looked dumb trying to fix it with my shoe on or taking my shoe off to fix it. Either way it’s not so much fun.

At some point I started collecting those really fuzzy booty type socks the once that aren’t suitable to wear with shoes. They’re the kind that you get for Christmas from the person who doesn’t know what else to get you. So I always tended to have a pair or two laying around. I’m not sure when they started accumulating. I seemed to lose them easily so it wasn’t often that I had more than one pair; at least that matched. Now I find myself with six pairs, four of which are purple. I’m not entirely sure how it happened. I enjoy them, quite a bit, but there not something I ever saw myself collecting. But who am I to argue with fuzzy socks?

And there you have it. Socks; they’re useful things. They keep your feet warm and your shoes safe. Whether high or low or fuzzy or toed, socks really are marvelous things. Too bad all of mine are in the wash.

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