Frying Pans; Who Knew?

29 Nov

So it’s the week after Thanksgiving. As always I got up, watched the dog show, ate with my family and hung out around the house. Exciting? Meh, you could say that. I forced to watch the part one of the seventh Harry Potter movie even though I haven’t read the book yet. Yes, I haven’t read the book, no, I don’t care, moving on. I took my sister and cousin to the mall then was summoned to Light-up Night with Brelyn followed by a rather uneventful several hours of Sims 3. Ghost hunting is a really easy profession. We went to see Tangled on Saturday, which was AMAZING!!~ I got gas for the first time all by myself and I managed not to screw it up. Aren’t you proud of me? So that’s what I did this week. Now I’ve got a few things to talk about concerning the Blog.

The first is my terrible slacking in the anime review department. I know Kenshin was due two weeks ago and should have been done on Saturday. I have no excuses. I’m just lazy. I do want to keep that slot filled though and since it’s the holidays and things are undoubtedly going to get busy I’ve decided to put Kenshin aside for whenever I can get to him and go on with my top five favorite animes of all time. Why? These are about twenty-six episodes each, they’re quick, I enjoy them and since I’ve watched them multiple times already, they will be easier to review. I’m sorry if you were somehow really looking forward to my Kenshin reviews. They will be up sometime after New Years.

The second thing is, I may start skipping days at random. Why? Because I can mostly. Actually I just really need to focus on some other writings right now. I haven’t been focused on my novella or the short story I hope to write for the alumni reading at my old high school. I would rather not pull something out of my bottomless high school portfolio for this. I feel it would be like saying “Hi, I haven’t done anything with my life. Here’s something I wrote when I was your age.” Besides, when you read for every single reading possible in your high school career the list of things people haven’t already heard gets kind of short.

So, I promise nothing in the way of scheduling. Anything I’ve said is probably untrue but I’ll try my best to stick to it, whatever it is. Don’t believe a word I say, though, I’m probably lying. Also, don’t knit your friends scarves for Christmas. It’s harder than it sounds.

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